Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birds & Snow

Every morning when we come downstairs for breakfast, we check on the birds on the deck. It took them a few weeks to find the feeder that we installed (from Nettie), but now the birds have invited all their friends, and we have a steady stream outside our sliding door. Isaac counted 13 at one time!

Aidan loves watching the birds, and periodically points to different ones during breakfast. The red cardinal has been our favorite, but he is very elusive! Finally on the morning of the snowstorm last weekend he decided to hang out long enough for us to snap some photos. Aidan was very excited to be able to watch him for so long. He's much bigger and brighter that the rest of the birds we see.

Later in the day we took Aidan out in the snow. On our first attempt the week before, he tried to shovel for a bit, then just got frustrated in the snow and whined until we came in! So, this time we were more prepared with big boots, waterproof gloves, and his own sled. He had a great time and wanted to stay outside for ages! We didn't get any action shots (since it was still snowing) but we each posed for a quick photo from the front porch at the end.

AJ looked so cute when he came in and warmed up by the wood stove!

It's Christmas Eve right now! We're so excited to see what Aidan thinks of his second Christmas. We'll see lots of Dancies up in NH tomorrow, and GB and Ol' Pa will be here tomorrow night too.


Loosey said...

Can't wait to see you all! Just don't expect us to shovel, or even play in the snow! ;-) We've gone soft in these California temps!!!

The bird feeder looks great! Love the Cardinal!

Kristen said...

HOW FUN! Merry Christmas!