Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daddy Christmas

Jenna claims that I'm hard to shop for at Christmas-time. I think she does a good job, even if a Dancy + ice cream maker = recipe for disaster!

Aidan's first sledding hill!

Jenna made an oval track in the front yard for pulling Aidan. All was going well until I took the reigns and started running. In my defense, Aidan didn't even seem bothered when I rolled the sled in the corner. Lesson learned, of course, is that the track needed to be banked.

Aidan has so much fun in the shopping-cart buggies that his grandparents got him a Crazy Coupe for home. I immediately began taking measurements for the toe rope. I think I still need to retrieve my Crazy Coupe from Timber Lane. (I'm pushing him so fast in this picture that his hair is on end. He did enjoy my basement power slides.)

Fried eggs made on a cast-iron skillet are very tasty. Making them on top of the wood stove might have been overkill.

Aidan continues to amaze. This week he's finally figured out how to descend the stairs, and I've also noticed just how much he understands. Today I told him we were going outside, and he went straight to the door and began rounding up his boots and gloves. When he's hungry he goes straight for the fridge. The downside, of course, is when there's a plate of brownies and that's exactly what he wants.

Inexplicably, he can say "alligator". Unless this is his pet name for Jenna, we might have trouble soon if Aidan doesn't start saying "mommy".

What's this? He was about 12 inches long. I noticed when this guy was hanging out, all the other birds disappeared.

Colin and Loosey got us a guide to local species, and so far we've spotted the following in our backyard: Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, and Dark-eyed Junco (plus two unidentified, some kind of sparrow and a black-and-white warbler). Every now and then we come home and find a big mess underneath the bird feeder, so I think there's also some kind of bird-of-prey out there.

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Loosey said...

Great blog, Isaac, and it was wonderful to see you all. AJ is just amazing! Don't forget he also tries to say "High 5" now! Yep, Grandpa and Grandma taught him that!

It was a great week with you all!