Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun With Grandparents

My parents babysat AJ on Monday and Tuesday this week while Isaac and I worked, and it was great to get cute photos throughout the day! He had a ton of fun playing with them and was totally worn out both days.

Hey AJ!

Aidan absolutely loves riding in the car at the grocery store now.

He steers and waves and beeps the horn, and doesn't want to get out!

Tub time.

He's a great help at vacuuming!

Watching some Sesame Street.

Reading his new Elmo book with Ol' Pa.

So tired! Definitely ready for a nap.

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Loosey said...

We sure did wear that Boy out! And we had a lot of fun doing it. What Jenna failed to mention is that he loves snow shovels even more than the Cozy Coupe grocery cart! We had trouble keeping him in the cart at Stop & Shop after he saw the snow shovel display! We had to take him out a different door in the snow storm to avoid them on the way out!!!Eeeek!