Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

Isaac and I took Aidan to the museum on Saturday, and he had a great time exploring. We'll have to go back once he's a little older since they have a lot of bigger kid stuff too, but there was plenty of entertainment for him for one day.

Aidan and I climbed the big structure together. I was worried I'd get stuck at times! It was pretty tight going from platform to platform.

It got pretty scary near the top, you can't tell how high we were, but we seemed to be way up there!

Pausing for a quick pose with Daddy.

This worked out well - Aidan likes riding in things, and this other boy loved pushing the cart!

We played for a long time in the construction center.

He liked putting on the real vest and hard hat.

And we had to see his cute little face in the hole.

It was a great family day, but we found it humorous that we went to Boston and back by 2pm!!

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Loosey said...

Glad you had a fun half day with AJ! Sounds like when Pa and I did Disney World and left by noon!