Monday, February 22, 2010

Aidan's First Haircut!

Aidan's hair had really grown a lot lately, and was definitely in need of a trim. So, last night we finally got a chance to give him his first hair cut!

We tried to bribe him to sit still with a cookie, but that only lasted a couple of minutes! It's not easy to cut a squirming 1-year-old's hair! I actually worked on it a little bit more tonight too.

I took a few "after" photos tonight in his pj's.

It's not super short or anything, just cleaned up. I think he looks much older, and really good! I know there were a lot of fans of the cute curls, but I love the new look.

He had fun trying to fly the helicopter with Daddy.

We had a really busy weekend, going up to NH on Saturday and Boston yesterday. Aidan did great with both trips, and charmed Isaac's fraternity friends with his giggles. We also had a Dancy dinner at Abram and Leigh's on Friday, and hosted dinner last night for them and for Isaac's parents. We love all the family dinners!

Marie/Grandma gave Aidan a huge box of Brio train tracks, and we've already had a lot of fun playing with them. He actually connected a few pieces himself and proudly announced "I did it!" after each time! He's really been working on talking lately, surprising us with cute phrases like that. The wooden train set should be fun for years, and it's great to start his collection with so many pieces.


Loosey said...

Nice hair cut! He was starting to look like fluffy head!

Love the train track too! Maybe he'll be in to Thomas soon, like Kali!

Theresa Leibig said...

I like it. It is an improvement. You did a good job keeping the "baby" look instead of the "pixie". My Mom once did that to Thomas. But you were very aggressive with Tobin.

Lindsey said...

He looks so cute! I liked the curls, but you have to have a lot of patience for them to grow in. wierd to think about the times we had at Chi Phi and now you having Aidan haha. ;)