Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's the end of another busy weekend already, and time for a quick blog update. Chip and Marie lost power on Friday, so they actually stayed with us for the last couple of days. Aidan really enjoyed the extra company, and we had the Dancy Clan and Marita over yesterday too.

On Friday I took Aidan up to Nashua to have dinner with Kristen and Lindsey (Happy 26th Kristen!) and we played in the kids area again for a while. Before we left Lindsey snapped this picture of us pregnant (29 and 25 weeks)

Yesterday Aidan discovered masking tape and spent ages decorating his whole tray!

He likes drinking from straws now too!

He likes to spend a little time in his sleep sack when he gets up on the weekends.

Rachel has always loved Aidan's sleep sacks, and we've said for months that she needed one too. So, we went to Joann last week and picked out some fleece, and sewed it into a Rachel-sized sleep sack last night! She mastered the walking around in it already. She loves it!


Sarah said...

Is that a Halo Sleepsack that Aiden is using? Did you know Halo makes ones for toddlers, with foot holes? Makes it easier for them to walk in.

Loosey said...

I want one of them for next time we come stay in the Winter!!! :-) Nice job!