Sunday, March 14, 2010

Competitive Toddler Tossing

Even though I haven't been racing, I'm still finding ways to light the competitive fire. Best yet, this latest sport is a father-and-son affair, so the training regimen is a family affair.

Aidan and I have gotten into Competitive Toddler Tossing:

He's pointing his toes! What an athlete!

As a sport, CTT is still in its infant stage -- but hey, if curling is an Olympic sport then who knows what the future will hold for CTT. CTT athletes typically peak in their 20s (for Dads) and 20 pounds (for toddler). Since Aidan is such a peanut, we've really got to make the most of our CTT while we're so clearly in our prime.

The core principals of CTT are to toss with the legs, but to also really (and I can't stress this enough) -- really, really -- pay attention to the height of the ceiling. CTT scores are based on vertical distance measured from the ceiling, but you don't want to risk crashing your partner into the ceiling. I think Aidan and my's PR at the moment is about 10 inches.

(BTW, Aidan loves it. When I catch him he says, "A-dat, a-dat!" [again, again])

After a recent training session.


Post-training calistenics.

Athlete of the future.


Jenna said...

That photo makes me laugh so much!

But, makes me seem like a terrible mom - not only do I let Isaac and Aidan participate in Toddler Tossing - I also take photos of it! I swear the photo looks worse than it actually was. And Aidan loved it!

Loosey said...

At work, the guys favorite photo is the Superbaby-Aidan, where it looks like he is flying - guess back at Halloween time he was just starting practicing for this new sport! I'm not sure that CTT will ever be legalized though!

Catherine said...

Just make sure that Aidan only practices this on his sibling with adult supervision! (Though I am aware that babies and toddlers have a way of falling naturally and somehow surviving okay!)

janineb said...

omg <3 it! that is some serious air time. How high are your ceilings?
it does not make you a bad mom at all. boys and their dads need to bond :)

janineb said...

oh and as for photo taking, I have been thinking all week how I have to get a great photo of one of Keira's tantrums. I don't have a really great crying photo. does that make me a bad mom? :)

Isaac said...

The ceiling might be 9 or 10 feet, but Jenna took the photo from the floor so it looks worse than it actually is. I usually lift my arms up over my head and decelerate Aidan gradually so the G forces aren't so bad.