Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hard at Work

AJ had a busy weekend with construction and yard work. First, he built this whole tower completely by himself on Friday! Seriously, I was just sitting next to him (looking at a catalog) and he was playing happily. Then he suddenly had a big structure going. He actually built a lot of it in his hand and then added it to the base. He also worked on a car to go with it. I was so impressed!

On Saturday and Sunday Aidan helped Isaac transport some soil from the pile in the woods to our front walkway.

Today he was excited to head out back with his new shovel!

He loved helping shovel into the wheelbarrow.

It was so cute when he chased Isaac to the front carrying both the rake and shovel!

Isaac showed him how to rake the dirt in.

And he happily shoveled some more.

He was good at carrying it.

Yesterday, Aidan and Isaac enjoyed a snack and a cuddle after all the hard work!


Loosey said...

OMG, that is just too cute! The Father/Son pair are just wonderful together! I hope Isaac has a yellow rake just like AJ's!

Love the tower - are you SURE you didn't help at all??? ;-)

Jenna said...

No help at all! I felt bad that I was reading a catalog and not helping since we usually build together, but I couldn't believe what he'd done on his own. I knew he'd gotten good at adding pieces, but that was amazing!