Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baseball Boy

Hopefully no one minds two blogs in one night - I just had so many pictures I wanted to include that I figured two separate posts would be easier.

Since Aidan enjoys playing with his baseball and glove so much, we thought it was time for him to have a bat. We'd heard a great idea to hang a ball on string instead of using a tee, so that's what we did, and Aidan LOVED it! He literally spent an hour an a half playing with it this afternoon.

I couldn't help but put his Red Sox shirt and hat on.

Daddy showed him how to swing.

So excited!

It took serious concentration!

Not quite sure what happened this time, but it's a funny picture!

Ready to swing.

Some more throwing practice.

He did a really good job hitting the ball! We'll have to work on swinging across and not down so much, but at least he's pretty coordinated. He's got a few years to practice for tee-ball, so I think he'll be okay.

Once he was finally ready to take some interest in something else, he played with his new trike for a while.

He can barely reach the pedals, but it also has drop-down, fixed foot rests and a removable handle so he can just sit and get a ride too. I think he'll get plenty of use out of this over the summer.


Loosey said...

For a moment there I thought that was Boston Rob from Survivor! AJ looks so cute in his Red Sox outfit! I can't believe he kept hitting that ball for 90 minutes! He NEEDED a milk shake after that, and after riding his new bike too! He's gonna be good at EVERY sport!

Lindsey said...

he looks so big...he is almost not a baby anymore. also- love the stretch waist jeans and tucked in shirt- very 80's chic.