Friday, April 16, 2010

Video Catch-Up

I've caught up on all the home videos! So, we have 4 new movies for your entertainment (and for our own home DVD collection). The funny thing is that Aidan doesn't really watch any TV, but he really likes watching these on the computer. He and Isaac sat and watched them after I finished editing each, and Aidan kept asking for more :-)

Cozy Coupe - April 2, 2010
Spring fun on Easter Sunday, including some Cozy Coupe, throwing, and fun with Grandpa.

Hide-n-Seek - Late March, 2010
Aidan is great at hide and seek! But he likes to peek:-)

Sixteen Months - Early March, 2010
Lego, playing outside, popping up, and other fun with AJ.

Peek-a-Boo - November, 2009
An oldie that I forgot to post! Aidan loved when Isaac helped him peek out.


Loosey said...

Love all these videos! He is such a little treasure! He cheats just like his Granny Blake! :-) Love the bit with Chip too!

Turkey Dave said...

More more more more more - more videos!
You guys, these were precious.
Here I am a million miles away sitting here laughing so hard I spit up coffee all over my keyboard!

Aidan you're adorable! and make me smile.

Hope all is well you two!

xo - Dave

ps. Hide and seek is hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing