Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Fear

AJ is always happy to ride on daddy's shoulders!

The other day Aidan figured that he could push himself up the driveway on his trike, then pick up his feet and glide down.

I realized he'd have more room for pushing with his legs (since he can't reach the pedals) if we took the rear handle off, so we tried that and it works even better. It was useful for us to push him at first, but now he doesn't want help :-)

On his way up the driveway today.

Flying down with Daddy.

He had no fear at all, even starting right at the top!

Last night we had some friends over for dinner, and Aidan was happy to charm them.

He liked his bubble maker from Lindsey.

We watched him play basketball and slide.

Sohrab even brought an extra glove, and he and Isaac and Aidan played some baseball!

I also hadn't posted any photos yet of Aidan and his lawnmower - he got a bubble mower from his great-grandma last week and has pushed it around the yard a ton.

Working hard - too bad it doesn't make the lawn look any better.

Hopefully he'll like mowing for real when he's older!

And don't worry GB, Isaac did finally mow the lawn so it doesn't look like that any more!

1 comment:

Loosey said...

I'm glad to know that Honey cut the lawn and not YOU!!! You gotta get a John Deere with a snow plow attachment!

Kristen looks about ready to pop! Glad you had your friends over and they all loved AJ. But who wouldn't?

Love the trike and the mower!