Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last weekend as an only child??

At this point in my pregnancy I'm a week away from when Aidan was born! So close already! But I know I have to be prepared to go 40+ weeks.

Aidan has his circadian rhythm going really well, which means that he's now getting up at 6am every day. After a tiring morning where I really wasn't in the best mood, we all napped this afternoon, and then felt much better. I think we're finally going to get some light-blocking shades for Aidan's room - I had wanted him to always be able to nap in the daylight, which he does great, but it's also making him wake up way too early!

It was a pretty typical weekend for us, full of trike riding, baseball, lawn mowing, a trip to the playground, and watching Rachel's soccer game.

Daddy showed Aidan how to hit while I pitched.

Aidan didn't want to go anywhere near the birds in the nest!

These cute little birds are living under our deck.

Happy to snack on some goldfish.

Bubbles are always fun!

Aidan and I did some crafts on Friday in his new little smock.

Always smiling :-)


Lindsey said...

you can't have the baby yet!! to many at a time please.

Loosey said...

Looks like AJ is happier with crafts and balls than baby birds!!! :-) Did you figure out what they are yet???

Glad you got some sleep. Once you have 2 kids, sleep is a luxury you dream about!