Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest AJ

Aidan is a great soccer player now too! His list of sports just keeps growing.

He's also adding new words every day. Our favorite is the way he calls "Iiii-saac" when Isaac says "Aaai-dan". He says mommy and daddy all the time now, and has learned a cute way to say "no". While we wait for Isaac he says "Daddy's at work!". When we asked him what pigs say, he answers "LaLaLa" (from his book... "three singing pigs say LaLaLa"). He's got a bunch of 2 and 3 word sentences, and often says "my bike" and "my daddy".

He likes to put his helmet on himself (which doesn't always work out the right way). He'll look for it and tap his head and say "helmet?"

We also put together another video since Aidan LOVES watching them so much. He'll get himself up on the computer chair and point, waiting for his movies. We let him watch a couple before books and bed now, and sometimes we pull up YouTube on the laptop when he needs a distraction! :-) It's funny because he's still not really into TV, but home movies he loves.

Aidan went to the elementary school musical this morning while I had my check-up, and he was mesmerized!


Loosey said...

Glad he had fun at the musical! Not too long now and he'll be a Big Brother!!!

janineb said...

regan and I just said to justine the other night that the surefire way to calm Keira down is turn on youtube Elmo videos. I love technology :)