Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Night Catch-up

Thanks to some 90-degree weather and tooth number 17 for AJ, I officially hit the wall in this pregnancy! I was holding out for so long, feeling great for over 34 weeks, but this weekend totally wore me out. Hopefully I can still recover a little if it cools off. It's less than 3 weeks now to the same time that Aidan was born!

Despite the heat and the big molar coming through, we still had a nice family weekend at home. Aidan really likes his new helmet, and happily kept it on while running around, pushing his lawn mower, shoveling...

He's required to wear it on the trike now that he goes so fast!

Isaac has perfected his "I hate mowing the lawn" look - and it's only the second time!

I'd also been meaning to take some photos of Aidan's art work - he's done some cute ones over the last couple of months. He works in a few different mediums already!

Markers - what's funny is that he made two almost identical ones!

Finger painting.

Foam stickers.


Loosey said...

Poor Honey! He so needs a John Deere!!!

Love the helmet!

Loosey said...

Love the art too! I have some originals at work!