Saturday, June 19, 2010

AJ and his Baby 'Erra

Aidan has really taken to Sierra now, and gives hers lots of kisses! He went right to her room the last couple of mornings to see her and give her a kiss when he woke up, and when she's sitting in her bouncy seat he gives her hugs and kisses. He now calls her Baby 'Erra too - it's so cute!

Kiss for Sierra!

Proud of his little sister!

Going in for another!

I got a wrap for the baby that has been fun for walking around, and it'll come in really handy for chasing Aidan all day once Isaac's back at work!

So nice to hold the baby close!


Isaac said...

Aidan looks like Jenna in the second picture!

Jill said...

Hi-I was googling the name Isaac and came across you blog and hoped I could ask you about the name (it is my favorite and I'm expecting a baby boy this summer). Does your husband like his name/did he ever get teased about it or wish he had a different name? Thanks! Jill (email: