Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bike, Baseball, Birds and Birthday Video

Another video already! I keep thinking the next one will be for the new baby, but no such luck yet. Aidan just keeps doing cute things while the baby continues to hang out in my belly.

So, here's AJ over the last few days - he's really starting to stride well now, and he shows off some good baseball skills. There's also some footage of the baby birds on our front porch, Isaac's 29th birthday, and Aidan's first ride in the bike trailer.

You'll also see that his favorite thing to say right now is "Daddy!"

I'm sure Aidan will be happy to have another video added to his collection to watch too.


Loosey said...

That kid is amazing!!! Loves him!

Great Grandad. Len said...

Aidan is growing fast. He is very advanced. We love his bike/scooter. I am pleased he likes sport. Big hug from us both.

Kristen said...

Wow! He is quite the little athlete already! Good job teaching him mommy and daddy! You guys have so much energy and patience!

p.s. Happy belated birthday, Isaac!

Turkey Dave said...

as usual, awesome stuff!!!
That kid is so cute.
Favorite quote....
Isaac: "Give it a ride!"
(* as Aidan is about to slug his t-ball ;-) )

Hang in there Jenna!