Friday, June 25, 2010

Visit from GB and Ol' Pa

We had a great weekend with my parents in town and ended up with a ton of photos. I'm finally getting to type up a blog one-handed during a night-time feeding! I used up all my free time making Sierra's birth video, which now I can't post because I used a song from WMG :-/ Anyway, onto the photos...

So happy to meet Sierra!

With Ol' Pa.

First family-of-four photo!

Posing with my baby girl.

Grandpa helped AJ climb the rock wall.

And daddy helped him go down the slides face first.

Grandma got some more baby time at the park.

Aidan loved riding through the puddles after a sudden storm! My mom and I came home from a clothing shopping spree and he was totally soaked :-) I'm glad the boys had some fun guy time together.

Grandma showed AJ some fun iPad Apps.

And Sierra whistled to her.

"oh, what's going on over there?"

AJ showed grandpa his golf ball pipes.

Batting practice.

Evening movie time with Daddy.

Another cute AJ pose.

AJ mowed the lawn with Grandma and showed off his rocking calf muscles!

We had such a fun weekend and miss them already!

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Loosey said...

Great weekend! We miss you too, and I wish it was this time last week so we were about to do it all over! It was a blast, and AJ and Sierra are both just wonderful! Must be the great parents!