Friday, July 9, 2010

5th Anniversary Weekend

Last Saturday was our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Kevin flew in from Colorado to do the Fitchburg Stage Race, so we were happy to spend the morning watching the road race stage. Abram and Leigh came too, and Aidan absolutely loved seeing the bikes go by.

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already, but they've been amazing. I'm so lucky to have the best hubby and 2 perfect children! We're looking forward to Aruba for our 10 year anniversary!

My honey, getting ready to pass Kevin a bottle.

Leigh got some Sierra time.

Aidan watched with Uncle Abram.

What am I supposed to do up here?

I went out for my first ride when we got home! 3 weeks postpartum :-) Since then I've also taken Aidan for a couple of trailer rides with the mountain bike (so I have a granny gear for all the hills around here).

On Monday we watched Stage 4, the criterium, in downtown Fitchburg. Aidan was even more excited because he got to see the cyclists twice per 1 mile lap. He'd point and say "bikes" when they came by, and then say "more" and run to the other side to see them go the other way.


He liked to watch crouched down.

Obviously, Aidan loves all things bikes right now. He often wears his helmet for ages after riding, he won't let us take it off! We could do a whole blog of all the different things he does while wearing it, but for now here are a couple of cute ones:

He reads VeloNews and flips through the Excel Sports Boulder catalog, pointing out the bikes and then pointing to other stuff and asking "what's this" and "what's that?"

Safety First at dinner!

Finally, a couple quick Sierra pics so we don't leave her out.

Sierra and Daddy, last weekend.

Sarai was happy to get some baby time!


Loosey said...

You are right - You have the cutest kids ever, after my James & Jenna, and the best hubby ever, after Ol' Pa! :-)

Congrats on a great 5 years. Hope the next 5 are as much fun!

Turkey Dave said...

Im so jealous I couldn't come see you guys too!!!
Did you have fun seeing kevin?

LOVE! that pic of AJ eating pa'sgetti with his helmet on !

Truly awesome.