Saturday, July 24, 2010


That's right - we got cats! We've been talking about it basically since we moved in, and were just waiting for the right opportunity once Sierra arrived. Well, Leigh discovered the kittens at her vet and knew they'd be perfect for us, so I took the kids to meet them on Wednesday and we brought them home with us. Thanks Leigh!

Sylvester is named after my all-time favorite Sylvester stuffed animal, Puddy, since she has the perfect black body and white belly. It's a boy name, but oh well! The gray one is Mercedes but as we've been deciding on her name Isaac keeps calling her "the gray cat".

Sylvester and Puddy - about the same size!

Mercedes on her first day at home.

Showing Mercedes some love.

Rubbing Sylvester's belly.

I found her in Sierra's boppy!

One morning I put Sierra down on Aidan's bed while getting Aidan changed and dressed, and he got back in bed with her and hugged her! It was the cutest thing and I was super excited to get this picture of them together.

We resealed the driveway on Monday/Tuesday and it was quite an ordeal. Thanks Tobin for all the help - it looks great!

Sierra's baptism is tomorrow so Lindsey came down yesterday to help me out a bit. It was great having a hand so I could get ready for the party!


Loosey said...

What happened to Porsche? Mercedes, my A! I'm calling that cat Porsche when I'm there. We grandparents can do that. Just be glad I like the kids' names! :-)))

Love all the photos.

Colin said...

Mercedes?? Traitors!!!!l

Loosey said...

Even Lexie would have been better!

Loosey said...

BTW, Sierra's face in the photo where AJ is cuddling her, is hilarious!