Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life with two kids

Overall, it's exhausting! The days are basically non-stop toddler entertaining mixed with feeding, changing, and caring for the baby. Thankfully, I'm actually not that sleep deprived because most nights I pass out on the couch pretty early and Sierra lets me sleep most of the night. But I'm just exhausted from busy days!

But of course it's worth it with a little cutie like this:

Sierra spends a lot of time attached to me so I can still chase after Aidan or get housework done.

This past week seems to have been particularly busy in terms of activities, especially now that I'm looking at the photos and writing about it!

Last Friday we spent some time at a neighbors' house on their big blow up water toy. Aidan was a little young to truly appreciate it, but he still had fun on the small slide. He rode his bike over there of course!

On Monday morning we went on a playdate to Davis Family Farm, where they have a huge water sprinkler park.

On Monday night we went to a local minor league baseball game. Sierra basically slept through it, and Aidan ate popcorn. He lasted about an hour and a half, which was only the third inning!

On Thursday we went to our weekly toddler music class in the morning, and Brittany visited in the afternoon. We ended up at the doctor's office at night for ages - Aidan was amazingly patient for almost 2 hours there, and luckily Sierra slept through it.

Yesterday morning the three of us went to the doctor's office and then the mall without any issues (although getting out the door took forever). Last night we went to Bertucci's with Isaac and the Dancy Clan for Carmen's 12th birthday, and followed it up with ice cream cake at their house.

Today I took Aidan on a bike ride this morning, then took both kids up to Kristen's house this afternoon to see baby Chase. Aidan was a little difficult - not really naughty but just super needy! He did enjoy the walk though, and I've been enjoying my new double jogging stroller!

I'm no good at taking it easy, and honestly I'm much happier busy than bored. Every day I have grand ideas of getting the house totally cleaned up and crossing things off my to-do list as soon as the kids are asleep, but then by the time Sierra falls asleep for the night I end up passing out on the couch! So, I'm working on not stressing about the fact that the house isn't as clean as I'd like, reminding myself it's much more important to play with the kids while I can. Tonight I'm staying up a bit late to blog - blogging at least gives me a chance to sort through my pictures and think about all the good, fun things we get to do as a family.


Loosey said...

Wow, I'm shattered just reading about all things you have done. You're like Super-Mom! Love the double jogging stroller - that's really neat, and love, love, love the neighbor's water slide thing. Water toys have come along way since the "Slip 'N' Slide days!!!

Lindsey said...

Everyone looks so good! Love the orange dress (I see my pink one made the blog too!) You need to change the blog "Dancy fam" pic to include Sierra! Its still baby Aidan :)

Deepasha Arora Chugh said...

thats gr8...u doing a superb job !!...keep it too struggling with two
written a blog too, here's the link