Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekend in Cape Cod

We had an awesome weekend in Cape Cod with the Dancy, Arcifa, Leibig, and James families, as well as some significant others. Chip, Marie, and Marita stayed at a house on the Cape for 2 weeks, and we all met up over the weekend to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Aidan and Sierra did amazingly well driving there and back (about 2 hours each way), and were happy to hang out with so much family all weekend.

With so many photos, I'm splitting it up into a 2 posts. So, I'll begin with the fun we had at the house and on the beach.

My little cuties! They totally look like they belong on the Cape.

We gave up on our attempt at a nice family photo, Aidan was just too interested in getting in the pool (that's what he's pointing at and crying about).

My of my all-time favorite pics! Out for ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.

Fun in the sand.

Daddy was in charge of getting Aidan changed after swimming, but he forgot pants! Aidan didn't seem to mind riding without them.

Then Aidan got back in his kiddie pool with a regular diaper and onesie, and stayed in until he was shivering!

Everyone was happy to meet and hold Sierra.

Auntie Zoe

Cousin Theresa

Great Grandma

My turn! I missed her!

She occasionally woke up!

Almost everyone went swimming in the hotel pool, and Aidan enjoyed jumping in with Daddy.

And, since the blog turns into our family album, I want to include these cute photos too even though I'm sure they'll be on the DancyClan blog soon.

Jacinta and Rachel

Sarai, Carmen, and Tobin


Loosey said...

Great Blog, as usual. I think I saw something that belongs to me on the beach though... ;-)

Love those matching outfits on AJ & Sierra! Good choice, Cora!

Glad you had fun and Congrats to Chip & Marie!

Isaac said...

Yeah, right! If we hadn't rescued the beach towel it would have been at the Merrimack dump!