Friday, August 27, 2010

More fun with 2 kids

It's been another fun week - more photos to share!

AJ loved the playground at the Ecotarium today. We also rode the train and checked out the exhibits.

He's getting good at blowing bubbles!

Sierra is all smiles! She enjoyed the Ecotarium too, mostly in the Bjorn.

She holds her head really high and can almost roll over from back to front now!

Monday was rainy so we played inside all day - Aidan likes to climb up and say "Hi Mommy!" It's his version of "Look, Ma, Look!"

Since he loves Woody and the "guys" so much, we had to get him a Mr. Potato Head. I think Woody and Buzz will be birthday presents!

The kids spent Tuesday through Thursday at Bright Horizons this week, and Aidan did amazingly well playing and eating and napping like he'd never left. He came home with elephant ears that he painted! Sierra had a great time there too.

Sierra really has been "purr-fect".

Here she is taking a morning swing in her PJ's.

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Loosey said...

I'm glad they both got on well at Bright Horizons! Love the elephant ears. They are both just so cute. 3 weeks today I'll be seeing them!!!