Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing with AJ

AJ has been a lot of fun lately, but I haven't gotten a chance to blog much so I've got a ton of new photos. He loves to ride his bike, watch "Cars" and "Woody" and "Memo", chase the cats, and of course just run around and play with toys.

He can glide all the way down the little hill next to our house with his feet up. I love the big smile he has on his face - and I was amazed to actually get this picture with an iPhone!

Feet up and a big smile!

Aidan and Sierra have spent a few weekdays with the Dancy Clan, as their usual daycare provider was on vacation. Aidan loved having cousins to entertain him! We set up their basketball hoop like this a while back so that he could reach it, and it has stayed that way, always ready for him!

Great shot!

Tobin catching him on the slide.

Swinging with the girls - so high he's almost horizontal!

Sierra and her Godmother.

Scootin' with Carmen.

I've enjoyed working just 3 days a week in August, getting extra time with the kids. They definitely keep me busy, but they've both been generally happy and easy.

Stomp rocket courtesy of Grandma - AJ loves it!

Coming down the big slide.

High on the see-saw with me.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Looking for the cats in their favorite place to nap.

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Loosey said...

Wow, it's great to see so many photos all at once! That's one happy, busy, little boy! Can't wait to spend a weekend with you all!