Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Sierra Photos

There's no special milestone or event to blog about, just a bunch of cute photos from the last week or so that I want to share with everyone and include in our blog book.

First off we have a few from tonight - Isaac can always make a baby smile!

A couple from the other day, smiling at me on her changing table:

One "Mom, I'm really bored with you taking photos of me...":

And then a couple from a night last week, swinging and sitting in the Bumbo:

Can't forget about AJ! This photo cracks me up - he looks like a big boy sitting at the table in his new chair with a nice polo shirt on, pondering something, but then he has jelly all around his lips!


Loosey said...

Great photos, as usual! You have 2 very adorable kids!!! Can't wait to see them!!!

I love the Jelly Chops one! Actually I love them all!

Lindsey said...

I see my poodle onesie! She is getting so big... is she even balding anymore?? Waiting for those silver pants shot...
And yeah- aidan looks huge!