Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids say the Darndest Things: Vol 1

Aidan has been making us laugh so much lately with the things that he says, so we figured it was time to jot some down before we forgot them all. He's doing well with pretty long sentences, and adds new words all the time. Btw, we're stealing the title from cousin Janine over at

Here's a few funny recent ones:

Arrive at Best Buy and open the door

Aidan: "What are we doing here?"
Isaac: "We're looking for movies."
Aidan: "Yesssss!"
Us: "Aidan, we're going to Pennsylvania tomorrow and we can go swimming."
Aidan: "Is 'Rai coming?"
Us: "No, Sarai isn't coming."
Aidan: "Why isn't 'Rai coming?
Ready to leave for PA
Jenna: "Isaac, we're getting in the car."
Aidan: "DADDY!!!! CAR!!!"
Every time the elevator dinged between floors
Getting to the top of the stairs before bed time, when we often play hide'n'seek
"Mommy, Hide!"
Looking in the DVD player
"What did you do with Cars, Mommy?"
Opening up the mailbox
"There's mail in there!"
Every time I give him food he really likes
"Thanks mommy"
Chasing the cats
"Where's the kitties?.... There they are!"

He has the cutest "BYE!" whenever we leave anywhere or anyone, like "Bye Daddy!" in the mornings and "Bye Robbie" when we leave daycare.

Tonight he did really well actually hiding during our hide'n'seek game. Usually he looks for us, but when it's his turn to hide he gets so excited that he just jumps right out. Tonight, he climbed into Sierra's crib, opened the closet door, got in, and closed it, and hid on his bed with the covers on top.

It's a fun age - at certain times he definitely reminds us that he's almost a Terrible Two, but most of the time he's a good boy. We've got him trained well at bed time, and in the morning we often find him sitting in bed reading a book or a cycling magazine!

Heading out, AJ needed his monkey, brown blanket, and pillow for bed time!


Loosey said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I wonder what new sayings he'll have after a weekend with Grandma??? :-)))

janineb said...

hehe love it! thanks for the shout out :)