Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Boy is Back!

Aidan was back to himself yesterday and today, and it's much more fun!

Giggling with Daddy and his new blanket.

I recently finished Aidan's baby clothes blanket (well, mostly). It's a big quilt of my favorite onesies and t-shirts, up to about 18 months. It's so fun to look at and remember him wearing all the shirts. He's got personalized ones, lots of monkeys and sharks, Boulder, CU, plus lots of cute animals and sayings. It's got super soft minky dot fabric on the front, and a thick, soft blue fabric on the back. All that's left is adding a zipper so he can also use it as a duvet. He seems to like it a lot, although he's not actually willing to trade it for his brown blanket just yet. It took about a month to make it, finding an hour or so here and there.

Aidan's baby clothes blanket - a quilt of his old shirts!

I also took a class with Leigh a few weeks ago where we each made one of these totes. It was tons of fun, and really cool to see how to sew with interfacing and lining and make pockets.


Next up is a stocking for Sierra. I've got the yarn and the pattern, and I hope to cast-on this week! It'll give me 3 months to have it ready for Christmas.

My little cutie - always smiling at me!


janineb said...

ok - do you take orders? That is freakin' amazing. I want one of the bags too! You are so talented. where do you find the time? I can barely clean my bathroom with one underfoot...

Loosey said...

As I have said many times, I (Jenna's Mom) taught her everything I know about sewing, arts & crafts, knitting. Oh hang on, that was everything "I" know, which in fact was all to do with a stapler and glue gun. Okay, well done Jenna, you took what I taught you and ran with it! Even though I did tell you never to run with scissors! :-)

All kidding aside, I have seen the blanket and it is amazingly wonderful! The bag is fantastic too. You must take after Pa cos your talent sure doesn't come from me!