Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend with GB

My mom spent the weekend here with us, and although it's always easier and more fun with her around, Aidan made it a pretty tough weekend. He just wasn't feeling right, so he was whining a lot and needing a ton of attention. It's hard when he's like that; hard not to get frustrated, hard to know how much to give in since he's feeling bad vs how much to still try to work on his behavior so he doesn't turn into a Terrible Two who gets everything he wants! Normally he's so easy and happy, and just has occasional moments like this - unfortunately this weekend it seemed to be the other way around!

Still, there was a lot of good times mixed in. My mom and I got to see some of my friends in New Hampshire on Friday night, we had another clothing shopping spree on Saturday (for the kids), and had a nice Dancy family dinner.

Now, onto some photos:
My mom took the red-eye Thursday night, so Sierra was still in her jammies when we got back from the airport.

Abram and Leigh had us over for dinner on Saturday night, and Aidan was distracted for a while with Lego trains, so he had some smiles for me then.

This morning we let him open his birthday gift from GB and Ol' Pa - a Lightning McQueen mini Power-wheels! After a little initial hesitation, Aidan really got in to it! I was amazed he could figure out the steering already. It's so cute and I'm sure we'll end up with lots of photos and videos of him in it. It goes 2mph and can drive on grass and pavement, and it's just his size!

Thanks GB for the visiting for the weekend, sorry AJ wasn't as fun as usual. At least Sierra was happy!


Loosey said...

It was a great weekend! The kids are wonderful and it was nice to spend a little time with you all!

janineb said...

they all have those weekends. and then they do something to make it all worth it! love the car. Aidan has better wheels than I do!