Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aidan @ Two

Our amazing little guy is going to be two on Tuesday!

We're in the midst of a busy long weekend with visitors, hiking, and a party, so I wanted to get his update done tonight. I'll have lots more blogging to do!

At two years old, Aidan:
- Is an absolute bundle of energy; he goes and goes and goes when he's up, and then luckily he takes a long nap and sleeps really well at night.
- Learns new things amazingly fast, and wants to do everything himself. He gets in and out of his highchair by himself (and puts the buckle on). He'll put his hands up and triumphantly exclaim "I did it!" whenever he does something new.
- Seems super coordinated for a kid who's just turning two!
- Takes good care of his little sister and gives her kisses.
He loves to:
- Ride his bike and drive his car every day
- Play with trains, cars, Legos, and the cats
- Watch movies (currently Guys, Cars, and Rat)

We're so lucky to have such a happy, friendly, and smart little boy. Two years have flown by, and time just keeps going faster. I really like to record what the kids are up to and what they're like so I can look back on it. It's already crazy going through baby photos and notes about Aidan and seeing how much he's changed.

And a few photos:

Yep, my kid is the one at the playground with the helmet on. And I'm fine with that! Add "play in the sandbox" and "go down the slide" to the list of things AJ does with his helmet on.

Joker face! Jelly-on-toast is one of the five or so things he'll actually sit down and eat.

He's a typical boy - climbs and hangs on everything he can!

He loves playing peek-a-boo, and can just now reach the handle to open the door himself.

When we get things out of Sierra, he always wants his turn too!

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Loosey said...

Tomorrow the light switch gets flicked and he hits the Terrible Twos! Get ready for some fun! ;-)

Have a great hike today and lots of fun with the Fam!