Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baptism and other fun

On Saturday we went to NH for Myles Lamb's baptism, and actually got a nice family photo! Aidan and Sierra aren't smiling their big smiles that we see so much, but at least they're looking up and looking nice.

After unsuccessfully trying to entertain Aidan quietly at church, we eventually gave in and set him up with a movie on my iPhone... it worked wonders. Maybe he needs an iTouch? Or maybe an iPad??? After that we had a nice time at the Lamb's house with all the babies and little kids!

Sierra got to wear a handmade knit top that my grandmother sent, and she looked so cute!

Aidan also got to enjoy a handmade knit top last weekend - this one from Auntie Cora. I'm amazed that she just learned to knit in June, and this was her first ever sweater! Some people just pick things up fast I guess - all those different stitches and different colors and seams are not easy! Aidan looked adorable in it, especially with the pointy hood up.

And even with a pouty lip...

His car now has a license plate too!

Aidan has really been into stickers lately, so we've made lots of cards.

Sierra is getting old enough to play more, and finds lots of things hilarious. We're starting to be able to play with them together.

Sierra took her first bath sitting in the ring instead of in the infant tub, and got to hang out with AJ. They're having lots of fun together!

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Loosey said...

Sierra and AJ are so much like you and James!!! Just adorable!