Sunday, October 3, 2010

Visit from Grandad Len & Sue

As I said in the video post, my grandparents stayed with us for a few days last weekend, and it was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. They met both kids for the first time! We played a lot in and out of the house, had some great meals, went toy shopping, and went to the park.

Grandad Len & Sue meet Sierra!

The boys.

The girls.

My grandad and me.

Sierra loves her new caterpillar they got her! It's so cute - still a little big, but she'll have so much fun on it in the future.

Aidan tried it out for her.

He LOVES his trains right now, so the new train station with real railroad crossing sounds has been a big hit.

We spent a lot of time just playing around the house.

Eel-coming-out-of-the-mailbox still amuses AJ to no end!

And Sierra is still our little smiley girl.

On Sunday night the Dancys came over so that great-aunt Cathy could meet the kids while she was here from North Carolina.

Grandma Marie loved Sierra's zebra pants! It's exactly like an outfit Marita and Sarai used to wear!

Cathy was happy to hold Sierra.

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Loosey said...

So many grandparents! Those are two lucky kids!