Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Not-So-Terrible Two's

I was a little concerned that when Aidan turned two it would be like a like someone flipped a switch, and my little cutie would turn into a little monster. But, after a couple of questionable weeks in September and October, he's actually super sweet and hilarious right now.

He's an amazing big brother; always asking about Sierra, talking to her, playing with her, and helping take care of her. He gives her things and says "Here you go, baby". Today he wanted to make "Sierra's dinner" - he opened up a banana and broke it up to help mash it.

I think he was playing the "I've got your nose!" game with her.

During our at-home photo shoot he gave Sierra her binkie to make her feel better.

I know I'm biased, but he does countless cute things that really make me smile. He gives the best running hugs when I go pick him up, and I always get lots of kisses. The other night I took him Christmas shopping, and he carried Sierra's fluffy white cat around in stroller the whole time. When we all went to Ben & Jerry's on another shopping trip he got his ice cream and said, "Daddy, don't help me." He saw a picture of my mom and said "That's Gummie!" He asks for "dog-dogs" (hot dogs) at all times of the day, and always wants "Choc" (chocolate milk). He loves reading books and getting tucked in at night, and we'll often find him awake and reading in bed when we go get him in the morning. I love when he asks for a "Mommy hug," and I'm really going to miss that when he's older!

He LOVES to help make things in the kitchen. He even cracks the eggs on his own.

In other news - Aidan got his first ever buzz cut! Well, I didn't actually cut it short, I just used clippers instead of scissors.

What a good boy!

Watching Elmo on YouTube with Daddy, sporting the new 'do.

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Suzanne said...

I'm glad to hear Aidan's such a good big brother. I'm hoping Ella gets along as well as they do when her (still unnamed) baby brother gets born. I guess I'll see when the time comes!