Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Tracks

(Basketball analogies herein)

When you've got one kid the parents can switch off and play a zone. When you've got two kids the parents have to play man-on-man. The only way either parent can get any rest and relaxation is to hope that one or both of the kids take a nap. Naturally, the children conspire against this strategy.

The only response is to adopt the Rick Pitino 40-minute-of-hell game plan. Essentially, play at a breakneck pace that they can't keep up with. Tire 'em out!

With a few inches of fresh snow, today was a perfect chance for Team Mommy-Daddy to wear out the kids.

Here's Sierra all suited up and ready for action.

Aidan shoveled and tried to work on a snowman, but then decided it was time for a Sunday drive. Here he's wondering if he needs chains.

Great form here! He's looking through the turn to where he wants to go.

All smiles.

Backpack baby. She was asleep 10 minutes later.

Jenna took Aidan down a short hill next to the house on his sled. Later, Aidan decided to go for a bike ride but then had other ideas...

He's headed to the hill...

Who needs a sled when you can snow cross?

Looping around for more.

More snow cross.

Every snow adventure finishes with hot chocolate. But don't tell Aidan ... he thinks it's "my coffee!"



Loosey said...

Great narrative! I was laughing out loud! Don't I remember something about "5 is just a start"??? No, don't tell me, you never said that! Stick to man-on-man! :-)

Lindsey said...

so that monkey hat too!!