Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Back

It's been a while! We've been busy with the holidays and visitors of course, but we had a wonderful time. Now I'm just getting back into the routine again with a fun Friday off, at home with the kiddies. We played all morning and then went to a great music class this afternoon with some friends. Aidan kept up with the bigger kids, doing the gestures, playing instruments, and trying to sing the songs, and Sierra was totally enthralled! She was so happy to watch and listen, I'm glad they both enjoyed it.

Sierra is sitting up pretty well now, and has 4 teeth! She's my little princess. Aidan is talking up a storm, repeating everything and saying new words constantly. He's figured out how to play Xbox Kinect Soccer and iPhone games, and he loves playing with all his new toys from Christmas.

So, some photos from today:

And, a few from one night last week:

In my effort to catch up I made a video tonight that I'll post once it renders and uploads. I also need to go back and blog from Christmas, though there is a photo album on facebook, and a great post on the Blake Blog:

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Lindsey said...

love that outfit on her! and the mvp coat loks greaton aj!