Friday, February 11, 2011

More Aidan Stories

AJ's latest thing has been replicating everything. So, on Saturday when he wanted to bring my camera and his blanket down to the basement and sit on the couch, I realized he wanted to take some more photos with the timer like we'd done with Kristen and Chase!

Again on Sunday he wanted to do "lights!", but we showed him that we could also use the timer upstairs to take photos. He'd happily go start the timer, come back and pose, then go see how it came out, and repeat. He did a great job, he took about 15 photos each time! This is one of my favorites:

Tonight we convinced him that games and puzzles would be a good alternative to more Wallace and Gromit. These days, it's always "Doggie" or "Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh George".

Aidan loves "shark shirts" and almost always picks one when he chooses what to wear. When I gave him this new shirt the other night, he said "Wow, it's so pretty!! So cute!"

He tried out the wrap last week!

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Loosey said...

Love the "kiosk" style photos! Excellent job, as always!