Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sierra @ Eight Months

Where did my baby go? Sierra is already getting to be a little girl! She's cute and cuddly, sassy and sweet, and giggly and goofy. She's the best girl I could have hoped for!

Her latest thing is waving, all the time! You just have to say "Hi Sierra!" and she'll give you a big smile and wave to you for ages! She also loves to clap.

She's not crawling but she gets around pretty well just spinning and sliding.

We've been helping her practice getting up on her knees. Smokey came to help!

She loves her daddy, and stopped by for a quick hello on our snow day last week.

Daddy's turn for the wrap! She loves to be part of the action.

Playing with Grandma last weekend:

She eats a ton, entirely by herself. She loves peas and green beans and carrots and rice and cheese. At this point I've lost the battle and she won't be spoon-fed at all. So, her first trial with yogurt was rather messy but she did get a little in. I need to get creative with the finger food. We're just happy to see her eating though, I think she eats more than Aidan. She's going to be bigger than him pretty soon!

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Loosey said...

You want me to send some Marmite so she can have Marmite fingers??? Then she'll definitely be Grandpa's girl!