Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marching On

It's almost the end of March - just when the snow is mostly gone, we're expecting more! But, we have had occasional nice days to enjoy. Sierra has been wanting to walk with us all the time lately, even outside. She's pretty wobbly but really strong, I'm sure she'll be pulling up on her own and walking around the furniture soon.

Aidan continues to love riding his bike on the pavement, the grass, or the snow. It's hard to tell but look at the shadow, he's just picking up his feet going down the edge!

March is also a busy birthday month, so we had another fun trip to NH for a family party.

Sierra has been crawling all over the place, often carrying an envelope - just like her brother used to do!

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Loosey said...

Oh, I remember AJ with the envelope! That's so cute to see Sierra doing the same! She probably wants to walk cos that's what she sees AJ doing! Love the Blog, as usual!

I think AJ needs a 50cc Honda for the summer... :-)