Sunday, May 1, 2011

Florida Highlights

We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago to meet some old friends and take the kids to the parks, and we had an absolutely amazing time. I posted a ton of photos on FB, but wanted to include it on the blog too.

Since it was April vacation week for Massachusetts and N.H., we flew out of JFK. It was nice that it extended the vacation an extra day, and on the way we got to visit an awesome children's museum that was geared towards really young kids. Aidan loved all the ball activities, especially this ball sucker!

Aidan put balls in over and over, waiting for it to fill up and "explode".

We spent ages watching the Rube Goldberg ball contraption - I always love these!

Entertaining the kids in a tiny hotel room with almost no toys turned out fun - we got creative and they were happy. Sierra loved pulling these big beads apart, and Aidan kept putting them back together for her.

On Sunday morning we headed to the airport - though we were staying half a mile from the terminals it turned out the parking was 15 minutes away then it took forever to get back to the actual airport, through check-in (had to wait since we had an infant) and security. We eventually got the kids and all the stuff through the airport with Sierra wrapped on, Aidan in a car seat attached to wheels, and lots of rolling luggage.

We were so happy to see Kevin, Jennifer, Derrick, and Nola when we got there! Nola was so excited to finally meet "Baby Sierra" and they played together the whole week.

On Monday morning it was time to head to Magic Kingdom. We were impressed with how efficiently Disney got everyone into the park.

On the ferry going to Magic Kingdom.

Posing in front of the big Castle!

Riding the Dumbo ride with Aidan.

Aidan got to drive with Isaac.

After some much-needed naps we headed out for a nice dinner. I had Isaac take a picture of Sierra and me to match the one with Aidan from 2009.

Just peachy!

On Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. With just one Safari ride, we saw just about every animal you could imagine seeing at a regular Zoo - pretty cool!

In the afternoon we went swimming at the huge pool complex.

Bathing suit from Gummy.

Aidan, Sierra, Nola, and Derrick in front of the kiddie pool.

Wednesday was SeaWorld - Aidan had been talking for weeks about seeing sharks so we were super excited! We all loved the Dolphin show too - it was crazy what they could do!

Clapping for the Dolphins.

Posing with Great-Grandad Len & Sue.

We were able to get reservations at the shark restaurant, so we dined right next to the big shark tank! Aidan loved watching them swim by - except for the big ugly fish.

He loves his new shark!

We spent Thursday morning at the pool again before heading to the airport.

Smiley Sierra on the plane ride back - with Aidan happily entertained with his new iPod in the background.

What a fun week with old friends - we're already thinking about what to do next time!

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