Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Weekend

My parents and my great aunt Kathleen flew in for the weekend when we had the party. The kids loved the extra company, and it was great to have some help too!

Aidan loved having the bouncy castle all weekend.

We all had fun jumping!

Sierra figured out how to drive Aidan's car.

But she decided she loved riding on the front even better.

"What are these things Kathleen put on my feet?"

Isaac got a Tesla hat and shirt for his 30th - he can buy himself the actual Tesla for his 40th!

Another great shark shirt for AJ!

I'm not sure how we missed getting pictures of Kathleen with the kids, but here she is with my dad!

Gummy playing "turtle" with Aidan.

Thanks Gummy, PopPop, and AK!


Loosey said...

It was so good to see everyone and to have AK there too! See you again soon!

Great Grandad. Len said...

One word. Fantastic