Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sierra's Birthday

After the big Luau party the week before, Sierra's birthday itself was a fun, low-key day. Carmen and Rachel were staying over, and Sierra opened a few presents first thing in the morning.

The kids were so excited to climb into the wagon, it was almost impossible to put it together! There seems to be a theme for my parents - Cozy Coupe, PowerWheels, RollerCoaster, Radio Flyer...

Later on I took the kids strawberry picking at the local farm - but Sierra fell asleep on the 5 minute drive there! So, Aidan and I picked while she snoozed in her new wagon.

Sierra woke up and enjoyed some strawberries while Aidan fed the goats.

Later on, we played at Abram and Leigh's house and made strawberry shortcake.

Sarai said it was the best ever! She was hungry after playing 7 basketball games in 2 days!

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Loosey said...

Glad the kids like the Radio Flyer. It's so cute that Sierra was that cozy in there!