Monday, May 26, 2008

Washington DC Day 3

Panda eats shoots and leaves.

The Hip-hop-apatomus.

Elephant love.

Washington DC Day 2

This eagle never landed.

Those Mercury capsules sure were small!

Capitol Building.

Outdoor wedding at Woodrow Wilson Plaza.

Sloane and David.


Let them eat cake.

Chi Phis.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Washington DC Day 1

We spent the afternoon walking around the Capitol today, after getting up at 3:45 for a 6:30am flight from Denver! We hit most of the basics today, although we didn't really get to go in any of them. We passed by the White House, then saw the Washington Monument. We strolled up the Mall to the other end, passing a lot of national buildings and the Smithsonian museums, and saw the Capitol building. We looped back to our hotel going north and actually went in the National Portrait Gallery. We're going to try to see the Air and Space Museum tomorrow since the lines we so long this afternoon.

I look particularly fat in that photo, but it's not really that bad!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Isaac's Famous!!

From the Boulder newspaper today, the Daily Camera.

I LOVE the caption :-)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tour of the Gila

Isaac finds Silver City accommodations in the "Pain Cave"

A couple weeks ago I traveled south with 8 Blue Sky Velo teammates to tackle the Tour of the Gila. Upon our arrival to Silver City, NM I quickly realized that the Gila's terrain is all up or all down and wind features prominently.

Day 1: Silver City to Mogollon, 34th @ 5'03"
I did my best to stay toward the front, especially when the crosswinds hit and threatened to split the field into several echelons. The finishing climb was a brute and I did my best to ride a steady rhythm, though I eventually ran out of gear.

Day 2: Inner Loop Road Race, 44th @ 11'16"
I flatted right at the 10-mile mark as the field was killing it on a long climb. Neutral support was there quickly, but it still left me to chase solo. Toward the top of the climb I was able to latch on with Kevin and Jose. The group I left behind in my chase effort ended up losing 30 minutes. This wasn't the day to have bad luck, as massive winds guarantee that time gaps are big.

Day 3: Tyrone Time Trial, 41st @ 5'08"
The third day is when your legs figure out this isn't your usual weekend of racing. I felt slow today and the third consecutive day of mind-numbing wind was not good for my spirits.

Day 4: Downtown Silver City Criterium, 39th @ 0'04"
I had grand plans today but I lost my nerve to a certain extent. I never felt comfortable in the pack and just wasn't where I needed to be.

Day 5: Gila Monster Road Race, 46th @ 9'02"
A bittersweet Dancy sighting! My goal was to get in a breakaway somewhere past the 25-mile mark so that I could get up the final climb and to the false flats in a position to defend Barry's 6th place overall. However, as we were riding through town at the critical time I was too far back and unable to escape when the move was made. When I finally made it to the front and attempted to bridge, the gap was too big and I couldn't make it across. Jeremy countered my move and we were able to block for him across the valley, but unfortunately the gap was too big for him too and he was swallowed whole on the first few steeps of the Sapillo. The bomb exploded on the climb for me too, and though I felt like I was climbing well, the time gaps on the line were bigger than I expected.

Overall 40th @ 30'19"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers-to-be Day

It's the first quasi-Mother's Day for me, and I had a fun day so far. It started off with a really nice ride with the ladies down to Boulder and back. After the ride Isaac and I were going to go up to Fort Collins, and since it was so nice out, I tried to pick out something summery to wear. It was depressing to find that NONE of my old shorts, capris, or skirts fit. I tried on so much, and it just wouldn't work! I have one (elastic-waist) skirt I got this year, and I had a nice green shirt I wanted to wear, but of course they didn't match at all. I eventually settled on the skirt and a different shirt, since my only other options were jeans, work pants, or going bottomless!

So, then Isaac had to take me shopping. I got a nice stretchy dress, a black skirt, and a few tops that should last a little while at least! I'm not ready to wear full-on maternity stuff yet, so I'll have to make do with bigger sizes for now.

Next step: find a dress for a "Black Tie Optional" wedding.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunshine Hill Climb

Sure is pretty up there.

The numbers are starting to turn ... perhaps the God of the Gigawatts is smiling post-Gila.

May snow.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Preggo Pampering Day

Yesterday I went out with some of my pregnant friends for prenatal massages, lunch, and shopping. It was so much fun getting a massage and getting to chat and catch up! We were all 2006 Mechanical Engineering grads at CU - I think there was only 10 girls total in our class (out of ~150) so 40% of the female ME '06 class is pregnant! :-)

From left to right - Jenna @ 14 weeks, Lian @ 18 weeks, Jen @ 33 weeks, and Alexandra @ 37 weeks.

Today wasn't quite as easy - a 2 hour group ride followed by mowing the lawn! I'm so ready for dinner at Proto's with Jennifer and Michelle!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hand-made Baby Stuff!

My grandmother crocheted a beautiful blanket for the baby, and her friend knit 4 cardigans with matching little booties! Everything is so cute!