Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 Month To Go!

It's that time already - my 8 month update - which means only 1 month until my due date! Isaac is still convinced I'll go into November, but at least at this point we're guaranteed to see the baby some time in the next 6 weeks! Could be much sooner of course too, but it's nice to know the lungs are developed enough and there's really no risk.

In the photo my belly doesn't look that much bigger, which is surprising, but I think it's the shirt and the angle. The baby has recently rotated around a bit too - he's been head down for a long time, but now I have kicks on both sides.

We've got fun plans for this weekend in Frisco, so I hope he doesn't come too soon.

Next on my agenda... packing for the hospital!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Crossing into the Baby Watch

This weekend Jenna's mom paid us a visit to get one last glimpse of the baby bump before DanDan arrives. On Saturday we dragged her to Interlocken for some cyclocross, one of the best venues of the entire season.

Bodies are always flying on lap 1 in cyclocross.

Always lots of support as you run the Blue Sky Nation gauntlet.

The Interlocken course packs all the transitions in one tightly wrapped section, with a run-up ...

... and then some sand ...

... before another section of barriers ... BTW, I think my fine ass is enough to keep Jenna's mind off the baby watch for at least a couple of weeks.

On the final lap I came together with a group of 4 and many attacks were thrown. I managed to mark a few moves and ultimately finished 8th.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ahh... Cleaning Service

Came home from work today to a super clean house! I was so impressed, they did so much stuff! All the carpets were vacuumed well, the hard floors where shiny, all the counters were wiped down. They dusted, which I never do much, and even vacuumed the furniture and cleaned the microwave. Everything was put back all cute and nice, like when they re-arrange your toiletries at a hotel. Yay, no more having to clean the bathrooms anymore!

We always said if I was working full time and we had kids we should get a cleaning service, but I figured it was better to start now, instead of waiting until I go back to work. Who wants to be pregnant or on maternity leave and have to clean?? Too bad I still have to do the laundry and dishes...

I'm excited for my Molly Maid to come back soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Isaac's Win: Jenna's Cut

We know we've already posted photos and videos of the race, but Isaac's win last weekend lined up so well with the purchase of our new camera... so we both wanted to play with making videos!

The other videos featured other Blue Sky members, but I made this one of basically just Isaac, and included some post-race highlights too. You even get to see fat/preggo Jenna!

Serving Notice

I suppose we can re-negotiate at 40 weeks, but I'm sure DanDan's mom will be in no mood for it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cyclocross Week 1

The Colorado cyclocross season kicked off with a couple BCR/BCT (Best All-Around Series) races in Colorado Springs and Breckenridge. I set myself up for the season by dumbing down the expectations after a lackluster road season.

Of course, the arrival of the new steed (a 2008 Blue Sky Velo Edition Ridley X-Fire) did little to douse the fire and I've been preparing with the odd 7-hour mountain ride and plenty of cornering practice at the local greenery. I still don't feel as fit as in the past but I'm certainly improving my 'cross skills.

The first race of the season took Jenna and me down to Colorado Springs. I was late to the line and ended up toward the back, but this was still probably better than any Cat3 start from last year because there were at most 20 people in attendance -- weird!, the 'Springs isn't that far away, guys.

The difference today would be the steady diet of uphill. My strategy of sitting back and waiting for others to blow paid dividends. I made a move (pictured above) on an uphill section that would put me in the lead with just about 5 laps to go (best Cat3 result in 2007, 22nd).

I tried to settle down and see if I'd get caught, but when the move from behind didn't materialize, I knew I had to throttle down and see what would happen. With about 3 laps to go I noticed no one at the Blue Sky tent on the top side of the course ... they were all camped at the finish. Best to not 'eff this one up.

Isaac trying to not 'eff it up.

Getting the bell at 1 to go.

Coming into the finish with the win was true elation, and I'm still not sure what I said across the line but thankfully we can review the video and figure it out.

I'm sure the win was just as sweet for Jenna (the person to whom I am pointing in the picture above) as it was for me, considering all the whining, complaining and pouting she's had to deal with when my previous 140 races hasn't gone nearly so well.

After the race we took a beautiful drive northwest into the mountains to Breckenridge. We settled down in wonderful accommodations -- fit enough for even the most full-term of preggos -- and prepared for another day of racing.

Sunday brought much larger fields with much deeper competition. Another win was probably not likely but let's say there was plenty of determination to prove it was no fluke.

This race was much faster and much more technically challenging. I think I did well to stay within sight of 2nd place. I was much better (compared to last year) at sticking on wheels and using what little draft was available. Toward the end of the race I started getting unhinged and for a while it looked like I would end up in 8th place. On one of the last uphill sections I reached deep into the suitcase of courage (pictured above) and made a desperate attempt to stay in contact with 6th place.

Isaac chasing the 6th-placed rider beneath the gondolas of Breckenridge.

With only a few sections of the course remaining I charged up the final hill, caught the 6th-placed rider and the 5th-placed rider (who had flatted) and recovered for one final effort at the line. I caught 'em by surprise and took 5th on the line! Thank you power loops! In a lot of ways I dug a lot deeper for 5th on Sunday than I did for 1st on Saturday; though both were equally satisfying.

Let's just hope the "Hammer of Tulsa" has a few more tricks up his sleeve (on courses without so much uphill) before it's all said and done :)

Isaac's First WIN!!

Today was the first 'cross race of the season, and Isaac WON the 3's!! He was 5th or so after one lap, then passed guys on the uphills and got the lead on the third lap. He rode the next 5 totally alone, and extended the gap to about 20 seconds!

We got a new HD camera this week and got some footage of the riding, the victory, and the post-race, so we'll make a highlight video and post that early in the week.

Hanging out in Breckenridge now, Isaac's got to defend at Brecktobercross tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

'Cross Practice

Isaac, Kevin, and Steve did some local cyclocross practice today, so I decided to go check it out.

Isaac getting chased by Steve and Kevin.

Steve's big leap over the barrier.

We always have to include an Isaac calf shot :-)

Kevin's version of the leap - though not as much air.

"Steve, you try it while we sit here and take a break."

I always love the mid-mount shots too.