Friday, October 31, 2008

Play time photos

We had a fun stretch with Aidan up for a couple of hours tonight, so we got to play with him a lot and take some photos. He's got a new Red Sox hat - Thanks Kristen!

9 Month Update

We took my 9 month photo yesterday, with Aidan on the outside! Of course he would have actually been head down, but we didn't think that'd be very nice to hold him upside-down. So glad he's been out for almost 3 weeks!

Baby's Got Back!

Aidan weighed-in at 8lbs today.  He was 7-7 on Monday and 7-4 last Friday...

Happy Halloween!

We dressed Aidan up this morning for Halloween. I'm still not quite sure what he is, I think his little toy is an alligator, but his costume looks like it could also be a lizard or a dragon or a dinosaur! But, he's cute and green and spiky!

The Dark Side of danDan

Diaper Sausage courtesy of the Diaper Genie.

Projectile Poo courtesy of Aidan's butt. We need Dexter to examine the splatter and explain exactly how this is possible.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strap-On Baby

Jenna and Aidan came out to the Blue Sky Velo 'cross skills clinic today with professional cyclist Jeremy Powers.

First Ride Back

I enjoyed my first time back on the bike today - 58 minutes, 13miles - not exactly fast, but it was on a 'cross bike and I think my mechanic needs to adjust it a little more. It felt great to be out there without a preggo belly, without having to waddle-pedal! And I loved not having to worry about my heart rate, it didn't matter that on every little hill I was in the easiest gear and still at a pretty high heart rate!

Isaac's mom was on a bike 5 days after he was born, but I think 18 days is still respectable! And today is Aidan's due date. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am he came out early, at 6-12? I'm so glad I'm not still pregnant! And so glad I didn't have to give birth to a big baby!

At least I can only get better from here on the bike. Should help me lose some baby weight. So far I lost about 20 pounds, but I have a long way to go, as seen in the photos! :-)

p.s. Sorry the photo below is funky - I left the white balance on Tungsten, so it was super blue to begin with. We adjusted it as best we could to remove the color cast.

Back In The Saddle

Jenna is out for her first ride in months ... on her due date. Aidan is such a team player!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bath Time

Aidan had what was probably his last sponge bath today! He actually didn't mind them after the first time. Next we'll try the baby tub.

More Cute Things!

Aidan received 4 packages yesterday, so he's got all sorts of new stuff to try out. He's got a fancy hand-made quilt to lie on, a really nice silver piggy bank in the shape of a horse, lots of clothes, a hat, and some toys! I've got some shelves to put up in his room, so we can put his piggy bank on there. The clothes are great, similar to what I've gotten him but slightly different, with the cute dogs and jungle friends. I'll try out his warm hat later on a walk. Thanks to my Great Aunt Kathleen and her friend Pam, my Grandmother, and Heather and Sohrab.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Aidan's birth was in the paper yesterday, and his birth announcement should have gotten to most people today. I had it designed, ordered, addressed, and mailed by day 11!

More 'Tube

Goodnight Baby!

Just a couple of cute photos of Aidan is his 'jammies.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boulder Reservoir Researchers Reveal Startling Discovery

Researchers Reveal "Lost Final Lap of Blue Sky Velo Cross" May Have Been Discovered
Boulder, CO -- Today researchers revealed that the lost final lap from October 18th's Blue Sky Velo 'cross race may have been discovered...

You may recall that last week I hypothesized that if the race had gone a full 45 minutes then perhaps I would have made up some more spots. Well, today I started the final lap in 8th place and steadily worked my way through 4 guys to take 4th by the finish. Maybe the extra 15 minutes in next week's Cup races will do me some good!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reagan's Birthday Party

Reagan's 2nd Birthday was rescheduled to today, so it was also a Halloween Party, which meant Aidan got to wear his lizard outfit! Or was it a dragon? I'm not sure, but it was green and cute! He slept the whole time :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

New hat!

I just got back from taking Aidan on his first outdoor stroller walk, and he had 2 new hats from GB waiting for him in the mail when we got back. This one just happens to match his outfit perfectly today.

Aidan enjoyed his time at the Friday Afternoon Milk Club meeting, and like Isaac said, he's gained a ton of weight! What a good eater!

El Pistolero del Longmont

The kid is a stud! At weigh-in this week he's porked on another 9.5 ounces in 7 days.

Upon hearing the news, Aidan gives his Pistolero salute.

Our Bundle of Joy

We're like all typical new parents - we can't take enough photos, can't get enough of Aidan! He's so cute and so funny! He likes to pick up his head and look around, all wide eyed. He likes to sleep with his arms over his head - if we swaddle him he'll always get his hands out. He's figured out how to suck his thumb and his fingers a few times. Over the last few days he's had more alert times in the evening or at night, so we're trying to shift it. Today he ate even more frequently and was often awake and alert afterward, so I think the night time sleep sessions should get longer. He doesn't actually ever cry at night, but sometimes he just wants to be awake. He also likes to pee every time we change his diaper, I guess like most little boys! We're having some leakage issues too, so he ends up wearing about 5 outfits a day (and we just bought our third kind of diapers to try). He really doesn't ever fuss or cry right now, he just smacks his lips when he's hungry and makes a little noise if he's wet.

The Leibigs are wondering what we'll blog for kid #4 (although I don't think there will be one for us) - Thomas is 19 months old, and doesn't have a birth announcement yet! Their first born had lots of music videos, lots of photos, and they sterilized everything for her.

Good Night!


Just being a little pro-active against any potential Aidan fatigue :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nightly danDan

We're having a fun evening; Aidan and I took a nap, then he played with Isaac and showed us his super strong neck! It's really amazing how he can pick it up so well already.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Cute!

I took Aidan shopping today and he got his first pair of shoes! Blue of course... :-)

Then when we came home we had a package from my aunt with this AWESOME flat Gund Sheep. It's so cool, I love it!

Good morning from AJ!

He's up and alert, staring at Isaac!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aidan's Mother Is Pure Evil

You can use your imagination about how well THAT went!

Just Slingin' It

Aidan has always been active with his hands but it wasn't until we put him in the sling that he's figured out he can suck his fingers.

Cross @ Xilinx presented by Blue Sky Velo

As a total team effort -- let alone a first effort -- our 'cross race this last weekend was most excellent. There were a few bumps but we held it together. I may not be impartial but I've never had as much fun on a 'cross course as I did racing on Saturday -- I know there were a few rumblings from some folks but I'm inclined to take the word of Georgia Gould and some other national-level racers who anointed our course and race experience as one of the best they've encountered.

I didn't have the best race but I enjoyed it. My start was awful (considering I started from the front row) but I did get it together and move forward in a way that I never could in 2007. I only went 37 minutes so maybe I get a few more spots going the full 45.

Still digging the tubbies even if I obsess about the bond holding.

There'll be an uprising if this post doesn't include at least some digital celluloid of the little man on campus. Here he is enjoying his bouncy seat.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Aidan's Day At The Races

Aidan's Special Knits

Yesterday Aidan tried out his knit top and booties to go with his crocheted blanket from my grandmother. He's got some growing room. but it's super cute! He's got a few different ones.

Welcome Back James!

My brother, a sergeant in the US Marine Corps, arrived home from Afghanistan Saturday night! We're so glad he's back safe and so proud that he was over there fighting. It's funny, he actually headed there right when I found out I was pregnant, and he left Afghanistan the day Aidan was born! His daughter Kali was super excited to see him and played with him all day Sunday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town

With mommy out shopping -- sans baby -- that means the boys are the lords of the manor, the kings of the castle, the masters of our domain.

PS. I'm absolutely not above drinking beer through a straw.

Isaac/Aidan Resemblance

I'm not so ready to start throwing dirt on the Isaac/Aidan family resemblance. As noted by The Magician, our victory salutes are eerily similar!

Also, you know you've made the big time when you get a shout out from Mud & Cowbells.

Morning Nap

He's definitely 95% Blake - look at those arms - always up!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day at the Races

Got to look cute for the other moms!

Aidan was captivated during his dad's race. Dad was a respectable 9th in his return to the Cat3 'cross peloton; later that day Aidan passed his bilirubin test.

But he was perfectly alert in Nola's bouncy seat.

Post-race cuddle at Derrick's 2nd birthday party.