Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quarter Century Club

I joined the club on Monday! We had a party on Saturday since Rachel, Carmen, Leigh and I all had birthdays. Lots of family came over and we had chocolate mousse cake. Then on Monday Isaac and I went out for lunch and we all went to the Natick Mall for shopping and gelato that night.

I tried my flash a little tonight and I was definitely impressed with how much more natural looking it was. With low ambient light and only the basic lens, and no retouching at all, the new flash made a big difference.

Standard camera flash.

New flash bouncing off the ceiling.

Hopefully this weekend I can spend some time really figuring out how to use it and control it manually.

A little behind!

I'm a little behind on the blogging - hopefully tonight I'll get to post some pictures from the weekend and my 25th birthday. It was a good one! Can't wait to play with my new flash and Photoshop CS4!!

But, for now... here are a couple of funny photos I just got from Isaac's mom. They're actually from a month ago but that's about how I feel right now!

Crashing on the couch at A&L's...

Because AJ was taking a nap and we're always so tired!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lego Monster

AJ hung out with his cousins for a couple of hours today while we did the house inspection, and he had a blast playing with Legos with them!! We heard that he was a little monster knocking over towers and train tracks! :-)

So cute watching Rachel build something.

I think we'll have to start his Duplo collection soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photos and Dress Up Day Photos

In between playing with toys and doing housework this morning, AJ and I had mini photo-shoot :-)

Once he wakes up from his nap it'll be time to go out!

Unfortunately this one was blurry but I love the smile!

Last week Aidan's school had Clix come in and do dress-up photos. They chose to dress up AJ as our little fighter pilot! I love the deer-in-headlights look on the first one.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls' Birthday Sleepover

Carmen turned 11 on Thursday and Rachel is turning 8 on Wednesday, so we had a birthday sleepover for them! They had wanted to stay over here in Aidan's room, so it made a good birthday event.

Aidan loves having cousins over to play with him.

We went to Osaka where they cook in front of you. Carmen was trying to catch some food in her mouth from the chef.

Aidan enjoyed the show too, especially the Onion Volcano!

Afterward, we went to Shelly's for ice cream. Rachel loves that it's her nickname!

Last night we watched the movie "Big" as part of the series of classic movies the Dancy kids have been watching. Well, by classic we mean '80s and early '90s movies that we all remember!

This morning we went to Old Navy where the girls each got an outfit - including some cool sunglasses! Then we enjoyed some smoothies before heading home.

Tooth # 5 is here!

After a rough couple of days, Aidan's next tooth finally broke through yesterday and he was able to sleep for 12 hours last night! On Thursday he got sent home early with a fever, and Thursday and Friday nights were pretty bad for him. Thursday he was up all night, but by Friday we had figured out the routine of orajel, medicine, milk, and back to sleep in 10 minutes!

Here a couple of photos from Friday during the day. It actually didn't bother him that much in the day when he was distracted and having fun. It hadn't yet poked through in these photos, but now we can see it just barely there. It's right under where his hand is in this photo:

Friday, July 17, 2009


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aidan @ Nine Months

Two posts tonight since it's also AJ's 9-month birthday today! He's now been on the outside longer than he was on the inside!

At 9 months, Aidan:
- Stands up a lot, and occasionally balances for a second before sitting down
- Walks along the furniture a little, and takes some steps with his walker
- Has been sitting in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs for the last few weeks
- Is totally a momma's boy right now! I love it :-)
- Likes animals and things that play music
- Has more more and more hair, and long eyelashes
- Is a little peanut - weighs only 16 lbs 11oz, and is about 28 inches tall, around the 5th percentile!

Standing!! (Okay, so maybe Isaac totally posed him for this and then stepped away, but he did balance for a couple of seconds!)

Yay! High chair, mat, and cheerios... makes eating at restaurants much easier!

Fun Family Weekend

Ma & Pa, aka Granny Blake and Ol' Pa, came to visit again this weekend. We had a ton of fun, but I think AJ was totally exhausted by all the playing, and they were pretty worn out too!

On Friday we went to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens (to look at the trees) and Ma loved this yellow one... of course!

Grandpa entertained AJ inside afterwards.

We played a ton with Aidan's house, and he thought it was hilarious when animals came out of the holes to see him. He giggled and giggled about the eel poking out.

On Saturday we barbecued at Abram and Leigh's house, and Aidan got to ride in a cozy coupe again!


Chip and Marie came down too!

Aidan got tons of Grandma hugs all weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Report Card

Aidan got his first "Domain Report" at school this week. It was so cute to see their assessment of him. For each topic, they select a few statements to describe his current stage, and then add a personal write-up about him. They have sections for Sense of Self, Social Relations, Creative Representation, Movement, Communication & Language, and Exploration & Early Logic.

Here are some cute exerts:

When we sing or play music, Aidan will bounce his body to the music while sitting up. Aidan is successfully crawling and pulling himself to a standing position when holding onto a small table or shelf. Aidan pushes objects away from him and follows them by crawling, then pushes the objects away again.

When he is given paint, he uses his hands to smear it across the paper and tap his hands up and down on the paper. When given jello or play dough, he squeezes it in his hands. Aidan enjoys reading books and looking at pictures of people and children's faces.

When Aidan's name is called, he responds immediately by looking up at the person who called his name. He babbles while playing, saying "ba-ba-ba". When he holds a book, he brings it to his mouth and turns the pages. He enjoys singing songs and reading stories and smiles and laughs along with them.

Aidan holds objects in both hands and taps them together in order to hear the sound that they make. Aidan plays peek-a-boo with adults by waiting for the adult to appear.

Aidan successfully helps himself by reaching and crawling toward certain toys and people. He crawls over objects or moves objects in order to get what he wants.

Aidan crawls into his primary caregiver's lap voluntarily. He enjoys playing peek-a-boo with her and he happy to see her at the start of each day. If Aidan is upset, he is comforted when his caregiver picks him up, talks to him, and hugs him.

It's always hard being away from him, but I'm glad he's getting lots of good interaction and plenty of stimulation. It seems like his teachers really do know him and spend quality time playing with him. He also has really cute photo memory book at school that they write in!

I'm so glad it's Thursday night and I get 3 days with my boy!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd & July 4th

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary, so we actually went out on a dinner date, sans bebé! We had spent most of the day looking at houses in Bolton, Boylston, and Clinton, and think we found a winner. We've got to check out a couple more in Shrewsbury, but hopefully we'll be able to move soon. AJ was a trooper getting dragged to so many showings!

Today was a busy day, entertaining Aidan at home all morning with anything we could think of, then heading up to NH for a barbeque at Kristen's and stopping by Grandma and Grandpa's.

Since Aidan keeps trying to type on the keyboard, we took it off the desk and let him have at it! He thought it was fun to bang on it, sit on it, and chase it around.

Looks like the same photo from a couple of weeks ago, I just love the color blue in that shirt with his eyes!

I think it's the Isaac pout! Didn't last long but it's there!

He didn't quite know what to think of the cute dog!

Grandma and Grandpa saved some remotes for AJ to play with! He loved banging them on the floor. Hopefully these will actually substitute for our real ones at home that he's always trying to get.