Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend at Home

We finally spent a weekend just at home, although of course still super busy trying to unpack and set things up. But, we did get to have a lot of fun too. On Saturday Aidan and I went to Rachel's soccer game while Isaac and Abram went out for a ride, then when we got back it was my turn to go ride with Leigh. Isaac and I seriously need to get back into shape!

Aidan loved clapping for Rachel's team when everyone else did!

Rachel scored a goal! Her team won too.

We started our family dinner swap on Friday, but then with all the other stuff going on we had another impromptu dinner over here on Saturday too, and Steve and Leah also came to visit!

We had a lot of giggles all weekend from AJ, especially when running around and popping out to surprise him.

Today Aidan passed out for over 2 hours in the stroller while we went shopping, then had more smiles while we played in his room.

Isaac got 4 sets of shades installed today, and we finally put up towel racks and a mirror. We also picked up Aidan's new Pottery Barn play table!! More pictures to come as we set up the house.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend in San Jose

Isaac, Aidan, and I flew to California this weekend to attend Dave and Jimena's wedding and to visit my parents. It was a short trip, but we packed in a ton and had a blast.

I think AJ's favorite activity was playing with the Star Wars Lightsaber on the iPhone. He loved swinging it all around, hearing the cool sound it made, and it was so cute watching him.

Getting Ol' Pa with the phone - wearing a matching shirt but with monkeys and elephants!

Aidan giggles hysterically while we run around with him on my shoulders!

Posing out back.

On Saturday Ol' Pa and GB watched Aidan while we went to the wedding. They had a great time at the park going on the swing and the slides, and we had a fun night out. The wedding was at a beautiful vineyard so we enjoyed having nice red wine all night!

Ready for the wedding.

Aidan had been perfect on the flight out there, but the way back was another story. It was funny being on the other side of the crying baby on an airplane - and it's definitely worse! I felt so bad that he was unhappy and making noise and we couldn't figure out a way to make it better. But, eventually he passed out and slept in my arms the rest of the way to Boston and then right on through to 6:30 this morning. I guess he was just overtired from all the excitement but not letting himself nap in his car seat.

Tonight we had chicken and mashed potatoes and he actually used the spoon to feed himself potatoes!

Thanks Ma & Pa for the night off!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exploring the Yard

Aidan and I went out exploring around the house the other day, so I got a few new photos of the little cutie.

He looks so little here!

Oh, an acorn!

Mom, look, a stick!

And today, he tried out the granite counter we got installed last night. I think he approved! I absolutely love it, it brings in all the colors of the kitchen - the floor, the other counters, and the cabinets.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aidan @ Eleven Months

It's already time for Aidan's last monthly update since he'll be a year old next month, I can't believe it! At 11 months, Aidan:

- Walks! Easily takes a few steps between things, and often takes 15-20 steps in a row
- Discovered stairs and loves climbing them
- Actually moves his hand up and down when he waves
- Eats lots of real food, including meat
- Signs "All Done" when he wants to be finished with his meal
- Loves making noises on the back of his hand
- Says "Ma..Ma..Ma..Ma.." but I can't quite discern an actual on purpose "Mama" in there
- Still giggles a lot and loves when we run around and jump out and play Peak-a-boo
- Loves turning on faucets and putting his hands in the running water
- Normally sleeps from 9 to 6

Standing up like such a big boy! But, he's wearing the 6-9month hoodie James and Britt got him last Christmas! So, not really such a big boy...

So proud of his walking to mommy.

Sitting in his new IKEA chair that matches his daddy's.

I haven't been this much behind on sleep in ages - with trying to do lots of unpacking after Aidan goes to bed on weeknights, we've been staying up way too late. Here I am trying to get his blog done while it's still September 12, then I'm hitting the sack. Sorry for the lack of exciting, fancy photos, in my sleep deprivation I didn't turn the ISO back down, so they're pretty noisy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

At Home in Boylston

As I stood at the island today, looking out over the deck and backyard, seeing family talking and eating and playing, it really hit me - this house is a great home. We took a break from unpacking to get the new grill fired up and had a great Labor Day barbecue. We had the sliding doors open and people flowed in and out, enjoying the deck even with only a bench and a few folding chairs. The kids ran around in the backyard, and we explored the woods a bit. The girls checked out Aidan's room and played with his animals in the dormer window seat. After running the 4 miles from Abram and Leigh's house to here, Tobin tried out our fancy glass shower (after all, there are no shower curtains in the others yet). Leigh was even able to cart kids back and forth to soccer practice and pasta dinners without missing stuff, since it's so close. After dinner we had wine and coffee at the dining room table - which we were so excited to finally get out of storage. Later on we moved into the living room to check out the half couch (missing hardware for the legs of the other half), and Aidan showed off his walking skills. It was a lovely day and only made me more excited about all the family gatherings we'll have here.

We've got everything inside the house now and generally in the correct room, but there is an enormous amount of unpacking left to do. Kristen came over on Saturday to help entertain Aidan while we unloaded the pods, Leigh helped me pack up more of the apartment Saturday night, and the whole Dancy Clan helped us move on Sunday. The cable guys came today and actually impressed us - they ran a new cable from the lines and got TV, phone, and internet set up! Our topless island has been converted to a plywood counter, and hopefully in a few days we'll have a beautiful granite counter top installed.

Abram and Isaac had to clamp the boxspring together and move it 6 inches at a time to squeeze it through the stairway opening!

In other news - we have a new niece! Carolina Marie Blake was born on September 4th, and everyone is doing well. She looks just like her big sister and already has more hair than Aidan!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Official!!

We closed on the house today! It was such a relief and of course we're so excited to move in and get settled in Boylston. It's so classic New England - we're living in a Cape style house in a town of 4,000 residents.

We celebrated our first night at the house with Bertucci's and wine with the Dancy Clan. We didn't have enough time to take anything over there so we're back at the apartment for the night, but we'll start the move tomorrow.

Luckily, we've got the long weekend to move in, starting with getting our PODS delivered tomorrow. It's going to be a busy weekend!