Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Pictures of 2009

Two more cute ones to post and include in the 2009 blog book!

Daddy Christmas

Jenna claims that I'm hard to shop for at Christmas-time. I think she does a good job, even if a Dancy + ice cream maker = recipe for disaster!

Aidan's first sledding hill!

Jenna made an oval track in the front yard for pulling Aidan. All was going well until I took the reigns and started running. In my defense, Aidan didn't even seem bothered when I rolled the sled in the corner. Lesson learned, of course, is that the track needed to be banked.

Aidan has so much fun in the shopping-cart buggies that his grandparents got him a Crazy Coupe for home. I immediately began taking measurements for the toe rope. I think I still need to retrieve my Crazy Coupe from Timber Lane. (I'm pushing him so fast in this picture that his hair is on end. He did enjoy my basement power slides.)

Fried eggs made on a cast-iron skillet are very tasty. Making them on top of the wood stove might have been overkill.

Aidan continues to amaze. This week he's finally figured out how to descend the stairs, and I've also noticed just how much he understands. Today I told him we were going outside, and he went straight to the door and began rounding up his boots and gloves. When he's hungry he goes straight for the fridge. The downside, of course, is when there's a plate of brownies and that's exactly what he wants.

Inexplicably, he can say "alligator". Unless this is his pet name for Jenna, we might have trouble soon if Aidan doesn't start saying "mommy".

What's this? He was about 12 inches long. I noticed when this guy was hanging out, all the other birds disappeared.

Colin and Loosey got us a guide to local species, and so far we've spotted the following in our backyard: Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, and Dark-eyed Junco (plus two unidentified, some kind of sparrow and a black-and-white warbler). Every now and then we come home and find a big mess underneath the bird feeder, so I think there's also some kind of bird-of-prey out there.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun With Grandparents

My parents babysat AJ on Monday and Tuesday this week while Isaac and I worked, and it was great to get cute photos throughout the day! He had a ton of fun playing with them and was totally worn out both days.

Hey AJ!

Aidan absolutely loves riding in the car at the grocery store now.

He steers and waves and beeps the horn, and doesn't want to get out!

Tub time.

He's a great help at vacuuming!

Watching some Sesame Street.

Reading his new Elmo book with Ol' Pa.

So tired! Definitely ready for a nap.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Mornings

Christmas was lots of fun this year for AJ, and we had two mornings to open presents! We went over the the Dancy Clan's house on Friday morning, then we celebrated again on Saturday morning at our house with GB and Ol' Pa.

He was so happy to finally get to play with his own vacuum! He got that at our house, as soon as he woke up.

He gave Sarai big Celtics slippers for the gift swap.

His favorite toy of the day was this hammer/ball thingy. I was worried the rolling ball part would be too basic for him, but it turned out he just loved to hammer the balls in!

He hammered for 45 minutes straight after opening it, and probably played with it for at least 2 hours that day!

Isaac was excited to get the rest of the Sopranos DVD's so he can finish watching the whole show in order. He also got an ice cream maker!

Aidan loved knocking down towers of cardboard blocks from the Dancy Clan!

GB and Ol' Pa arrived Friday night and stopped by the Dancy's house in Merrimack, then on Saturday morning we opened up Aidan's new Sports Slide that they got for him. He LOVED it of course! We just have to keep reminding him to sit down and not just walk right off the slide.

He climbed up and slid down for ages, and totally wore himself out.

He also loved shooting the basketball!

We've got lots of photos from the week to post, but I at least wanted to start with the morning ones. Aidan is at home with GB and Ol' Pa Monday and Tuesday while we work, then we've got 5 more days off with him!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birds & Snow

Every morning when we come downstairs for breakfast, we check on the birds on the deck. It took them a few weeks to find the feeder that we installed (from Nettie), but now the birds have invited all their friends, and we have a steady stream outside our sliding door. Isaac counted 13 at one time!

Aidan loves watching the birds, and periodically points to different ones during breakfast. The red cardinal has been our favorite, but he is very elusive! Finally on the morning of the snowstorm last weekend he decided to hang out long enough for us to snap some photos. Aidan was very excited to be able to watch him for so long. He's much bigger and brighter that the rest of the birds we see.

Later in the day we took Aidan out in the snow. On our first attempt the week before, he tried to shovel for a bit, then just got frustrated in the snow and whined until we came in! So, this time we were more prepared with big boots, waterproof gloves, and his own sled. He had a great time and wanted to stay outside for ages! We didn't get any action shots (since it was still snowing) but we each posed for a quick photo from the front porch at the end.

AJ looked so cute when he came in and warmed up by the wood stove!

It's Christmas Eve right now! We're so excited to see what Aidan thinks of his second Christmas. We'll see lots of Dancies up in NH tomorrow, and GB and Ol' Pa will be here tomorrow night too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

School Photos

Aidan had his school photos taken last month, and I finally got them this week and got a chance to scan them tonight.

So funny how they posed the kids!

All the blond boys! 3 kids had just moved up to toddlers, so for a couple of weeks there the boys were on their own!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo Catch-up

As promised, we have a few new pictures of Aidan from the last couple of days. I feel like right now we just whiz right through Monday to Thursday every week, without coming up for air. I usually get to catch up and clean up a bit on Fridays while Aidan naps, but the last couple weeks we've been out. On the weekends I have grand ideas of getting all sorts done once Aidan goes to bed at night, but instead Isaac and I just crash on the couch! So, tonight I at least downloaded some new photos, and now I'm on the laptop (on the couch) writing up a blog.

Eating some pretzels. He LOVES them, I think he could eat a whole bag if we let him.

I was also impressed with how quickly he got into his ravioli last night.

He even ate some with a fork.

But then he decided he needed to wipe his forehead with both hands at once! :-0

Today he was entertained for ages with the little piggy bank, putting coins in and out. Later on, we got the big piggy bank out for him, and it provided another 45 minutes of playing and giggling.

At first, Isaac and Aidan pet the pig...

But then, the pig started attacking a bit! Aidan was very nervous!

He giggled hysterically and ran away, but kept coming back for more.

Watching the pig closely...
He kept running to me for hugs when the pig jumped up!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It seems so fitting that Aidan's first real word is "hi", since he's just so friendly and social. It's really hilarious these days when we go to the grocery store and he sits in the cart saying hi to everyone he can, waving vigorously, then giving them a huge smile when they say hi to him (and of course no one can resist such a cute little boy). He really doesn't get bored of it. We occasionally get "Mamama" or "Addy", but it's never as obvious. He loves picking up phones and saying hi too, except when there's actually someone on it and he freezes!

He's been busy growing lately - he's got 12 teeth now (including 4 molars!) and a big gut. He's definitely looking rounder in the face again, I think he's really enjoying home-cooked lunch at his new in-home daycare. He'll eat chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, lasagna, sausage, egg-free pancakes, and all sorts of stuff! He really likes starting off with fruit and yogurt every morning at home, which is funny since Isaac and I are both into toast or cereal for breakfast.

The other news is that we weened him off of his bottle almost a month ago, and it's been great. The first day was interesting, he screamed every time he saw the sippy cup and refused it (although he'd already been drinking water and juice from a sippy cup, so we knew he could do it). The next few days he basically refused milk all day, and just had extra water at meal times. Finally, around day 7 or 8, he all of a sudden gave in and drunk milk from the sippy cup! First a couple of ounces, now he'll do a 6 oz cup!

And, the best part of the transition is that somehow not having a bedtime bottle has actually made him sleep amazingly well! In the last few weeks, he's slept soundly from 8:30 to at least 6:30 every night but one, and sometimes it's 7 or 7:30! It's been really great getting to sleep well consistently (although sleeping past 6:30 on a weekend would be nice... maybe in a few years!) Bed time is really easy - just pajamas, a couple of books, and lay him down with his monkeys and blankets. I was worried he'd be upset without a bottle at bedtime.

So, that's the AJ update. I'll get some photos posted tomorrow or over the weekend.

I also realized I never mentioned on the blog - Aidan is going to be a big brother! So, for the baby #2 update: he/she is 3.5 inches long right now, and happily doing somersaults.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

We took a few photos last weekend to possibly use on the Christmas Card, but decided they didn't look Christmasy enough! I still love them though.