Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's the end of another busy weekend already, and time for a quick blog update. Chip and Marie lost power on Friday, so they actually stayed with us for the last couple of days. Aidan really enjoyed the extra company, and we had the Dancy Clan and Marita over yesterday too.

On Friday I took Aidan up to Nashua to have dinner with Kristen and Lindsey (Happy 26th Kristen!) and we played in the kids area again for a while. Before we left Lindsey snapped this picture of us pregnant (29 and 25 weeks)

Yesterday Aidan discovered masking tape and spent ages decorating his whole tray!

He likes drinking from straws now too!

He likes to spend a little time in his sleep sack when he gets up on the weekends.

Rachel has always loved Aidan's sleep sacks, and we've said for months that she needed one too. So, we went to Joann last week and picked out some fleece, and sewed it into a Rachel-sized sleep sack last night! She mastered the walking around in it already. She loves it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Aidan's First Haircut!

Aidan's hair had really grown a lot lately, and was definitely in need of a trim. So, last night we finally got a chance to give him his first hair cut!

We tried to bribe him to sit still with a cookie, but that only lasted a couple of minutes! It's not easy to cut a squirming 1-year-old's hair! I actually worked on it a little bit more tonight too.

I took a few "after" photos tonight in his pj's.

It's not super short or anything, just cleaned up. I think he looks much older, and really good! I know there were a lot of fans of the cute curls, but I love the new look.

He had fun trying to fly the helicopter with Daddy.

We had a really busy weekend, going up to NH on Saturday and Boston yesterday. Aidan did great with both trips, and charmed Isaac's fraternity friends with his giggles. We also had a Dancy dinner at Abram and Leigh's on Friday, and hosted dinner last night for them and for Isaac's parents. We love all the family dinners!

Marie/Grandma gave Aidan a huge box of Brio train tracks, and we've already had a lot of fun playing with them. He actually connected a few pieces himself and proudly announced "I did it!" after each time! He's really been working on talking lately, surprising us with cute phrases like that. The wooden train set should be fun for years, and it's great to start his collection with so many pieces.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had an ultrasound today, and we both thought the baby looked just like AJ. The pictures looked so familiar, it was like I had seen them before. When I got home and pulled up Aidan's ultrasound pictures, they were almost identical!

Everything looked good with the baby, and we were happy to see he/she moving all around this time. Here are the pictures we got to bring home:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Friday

Aidan was in great spirits today, and we had a super fun day together. He was all smiles this morning and wearing one of my favorite outfits, so I couldn't help but snap a few more photos.

He came with me to the baby check-up, and was interested to hear the heartbeat and point to the baby in my belly. Then we went shopping and got him an early Valentine's Day present - his very own baseball glove! He happily played catch with me for ages and looked like a natural with the glove.

After playing and shoveling outside for a while this afternoon, we went to a mall that has an indoor kids' play area, and I couldn't believe how much Aidan loved it! At first he watched some of the big kids and stayed close by, but then he figured out how to climb up the steps to the slide and go down head first. He went round and round, probably 30 times! I didn't bring the camera but took a quick phone picture - unfortunately it's blurry, but still cute.

Then, when we got home we were so excited to receive a baby blanket from my Grandmother! It's beautifully crocheted, and of course it's our favorite colors - light blue and dark blue! And it's super soft. We'll have to get some more photos in daylight too. Thanks Nana Gill!

And finally, we finished off the day by going to "A Taste of Chocolate" - where I got to indulge in all sorts of chocolate! There were brownies, cake, fudge, cookies, and even a chocolate fountain with fruit. So, overall it was just a great day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

AJ & Baby Update

Aidan is getting over a bit of a rough week with a cold, tooth number 13 coming in, and an eczema flare up! But, he's almost back to himself today and has been playing catch, shoveling snow, and generally running around giggling.

In exciting baby news - Isaac felt the baby kick for the first time today! I woke up to the baby kicking, and Isaac was able to feel it from the outside. I'm just about 5 months now, so I had Isaac take a photo this afternoon. Yesterday I went swimming for the first time in ages, and it felt great to actually exercise! Our baby-sitter (aka Aidan's cousin) is super busy with 3 basketball teams, including practice on Saturday nights, so we put Aidan to bed at 8, then went on our date last night while Sarai and Rachel watched a movie here.

Earlier in the week Aidan enjoyed some morning orange juice while sporting an AJ shirt - like his old ones, but size 18 months instead of 6-9!