Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest AJ

Aidan is a great soccer player now too! His list of sports just keeps growing.

He's also adding new words every day. Our favorite is the way he calls "Iiii-saac" when Isaac says "Aaai-dan". He says mommy and daddy all the time now, and has learned a cute way to say "no". While we wait for Isaac he says "Daddy's at work!". When we asked him what pigs say, he answers "LaLaLa" (from his book... "three singing pigs say LaLaLa"). He's got a bunch of 2 and 3 word sentences, and often says "my bike" and "my daddy".

He likes to put his helmet on himself (which doesn't always work out the right way). He'll look for it and tap his head and say "helmet?"

We also put together another video since Aidan LOVES watching them so much. He'll get himself up on the computer chair and point, waiting for his movies. We let him watch a couple before books and bed now, and sometimes we pull up YouTube on the laptop when he needs a distraction! :-) It's funny because he's still not really into TV, but home movies he loves.

Aidan went to the elementary school musical this morning while I had my check-up, and he was mesmerized!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This time last time...

Aidan was already on the outside! So, in honor of that I wanted to look at how this pregnancy compares. But first, here's a photo of my boy and my baby from this weekend:

Aidan loves giving the baby kisses. He's going to be such a great big brother - I can't wait for him to meet his new sibling!

What do you get when a camera-happy mechanical engineer with a mild case of OCD gets pregnant? Well, plenty of graphs of weight gain and total weight, plus photos to document progress! I've graphed my weight for the last few years, and while I'll be keeping the total weight censored, I pulled out the graph of weight gained during pregnancy. I started out a couple of pounds higher since I hadn't quite lost all the baby weight from before, but it's interesting to see that for some reason I gained a lot less this time! Hopefully it means it'll be faster to lose it.

Both pregnancies were pretty easy and uneventful. I'm sure Isaac can attest to the fact that I've had a few emotional days, and lately I've let him do more and more of the chasing and carrying Aidan, but overall I've felt good and it really hasn't slowed me down that much. My cravings have been a little different this time, and my belly is a different shape, so I think it's more likely to be a girl, but either one will be great.

Today I went back through the monthly photos we took and finally put them all together, like I did for Aidan's pregnancy and his first year. I always love seeing these!

Now I get to the hard part of the waiting game. I'm just so excited at this point to finally see the baby. I'm hoping I don't go late - 38 to 39 weeks would be perfect!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Strider Video

Here's a 5 minute video of Aidan's first couple days of riding his new bike. He's loving it! He's still walking it more than gliding on it, but he'll get there. Once he's a pro we'll take some more video.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aidan's New Strider

Aidan's new bike arrived today, and he loves it!

We've been talking about getting this type of bike since before we even had him - I saw them years ago and thought it was such a great idea. Basically, it's a really small bike with no pedals that kids learn to balance on. They push off and glide, and can actually get going really fast. It's supposed to be a really easy transition to real bikes, without ever using training wheels. After seeing how much Aidan likes "riding" his trike (he can't actually reach the pedals), we figured it was time to get one of these. There are a few out there - Like-a-Bike, Strider PreBike, and Balance Bike. Aidan got the Strider since it has the lowest seat and he's such a peanut!

As soon as Aidan saw it he said "it's a bike!" He instantly went looking for his helmet so he could get on and ride it. We took it to the basement and he played with it the entire night, from after dinner to bed time. He was not happy to have to put it away and go upstairs to bed!

He did great for his first time on it - he didn't glide yet but he was turning really well.

Isaac let him wear my Stars'n'Stripes jersey too.

We took some video and I'm sure we'll be taking lots more video and photos as he uses it more. It'll be fun to glide down the driveway!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last weekend as an only child??

At this point in my pregnancy I'm a week away from when Aidan was born! So close already! But I know I have to be prepared to go 40+ weeks.

Aidan has his circadian rhythm going really well, which means that he's now getting up at 6am every day. After a tiring morning where I really wasn't in the best mood, we all napped this afternoon, and then felt much better. I think we're finally going to get some light-blocking shades for Aidan's room - I had wanted him to always be able to nap in the daylight, which he does great, but it's also making him wake up way too early!

It was a pretty typical weekend for us, full of trike riding, baseball, lawn mowing, a trip to the playground, and watching Rachel's soccer game.

Daddy showed Aidan how to hit while I pitched.

Aidan didn't want to go anywhere near the birds in the nest!

These cute little birds are living under our deck.

Happy to snack on some goldfish.

Bubbles are always fun!

Aidan and I did some crafts on Friday in his new little smock.

Always smiling :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I got to celebrate my second Mother's Day this weekend!

My boys planted a new boxwood and a new hydrangea, and we had a fun trip to the mall.

Most of the front is done now.

On Sunday we went up to Merrimack and saw lots of family for dinner.

Kristen stopped by so we took a preggo photo together - I'm at 8 months, and she's at 39 weeks. I can't believe the different shape bellies!

Isaac found a good way to let Aidan use the slide!

Aidan liked exploring all the toys at grandma and grandpa's house.

Leah helped him dress up with beads!

Last weekend we had people over for dinner, and Aidan watched part of Toy Story with the big kids.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Last night we built Aidan's new toddler bed (with his help of course), and he did great going to bed like usual. I just put him down for his afternoon nap and he didn't complain at all - when I checked on him a few minutes later he looked like this, snoring:

I took a few photos of Aidan's room before we built the bed so we'd be able to show him what his room looked like when he still slept in a crib. It's been a fun room so far; I love the funky shape of it, the cool dormer window, and the big storage area under the window seat.

Back side of the room

Ignore the crib skirt - I'd been changing over from his original sea life stuff to the blue and green monkey set that reminded me of his favorite brown monkey. I didn't bother getting bumpers and a crib skirt since he was getting a big boy bed soon!

Front side of the room.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Videos - New and Old

We have another video from this past weekend, since I've been trying to keep up on movies. Here you go Dave K, "more more more videos!" Aidan shows off his new trike skills and practices animal noises. So cute!

Editor's note: This was the first time Aidan went so fast on his trike (which is why we got the camera out) but also what made us realize he needed a helmet - so don't worry, he always wears one now! :-)

And I also realized that we had Aidan's Baptism video on DVD but not on the computer, so I uploaded that too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Night Catch-up

Thanks to some 90-degree weather and tooth number 17 for AJ, I officially hit the wall in this pregnancy! I was holding out for so long, feeling great for over 34 weeks, but this weekend totally wore me out. Hopefully I can still recover a little if it cools off. It's less than 3 weeks now to the same time that Aidan was born!

Despite the heat and the big molar coming through, we still had a nice family weekend at home. Aidan really likes his new helmet, and happily kept it on while running around, pushing his lawn mower, shoveling...

He's required to wear it on the trike now that he goes so fast!

Isaac has perfected his "I hate mowing the lawn" look - and it's only the second time!

I'd also been meaning to take some photos of Aidan's art work - he's done some cute ones over the last couple of months. He works in a few different mediums already!

Markers - what's funny is that he made two almost identical ones!

Finger painting.

Foam stickers.