Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sierra's Two Week Check-up

Sierra had another appointment today and she's doing awesome - she already weighs over 9 pounds and is 22 inches long. We had a fun little photo shoot yesterday while Aidan napped, so here are a few cute ones to go with the update.

Her first video is on Facebook! Let me know if you can't find it there. We've also got great photos from our weekend in Cape Cod, which I'll post soon too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Visit from GB and Ol' Pa

We had a great weekend with my parents in town and ended up with a ton of photos. I'm finally getting to type up a blog one-handed during a night-time feeding! I used up all my free time making Sierra's birth video, which now I can't post because I used a song from WMG :-/ Anyway, onto the photos...

So happy to meet Sierra!

With Ol' Pa.

First family-of-four photo!

Posing with my baby girl.

Grandpa helped AJ climb the rock wall.

And daddy helped him go down the slides face first.

Grandma got some more baby time at the park.

Aidan loved riding through the puddles after a sudden storm! My mom and I came home from a clothing shopping spree and he was totally soaked :-) I'm glad the boys had some fun guy time together.

Grandma showed AJ some fun iPad Apps.

And Sierra whistled to her.

"oh, what's going on over there?"

AJ showed grandpa his golf ball pipes.

Batting practice.

Evening movie time with Daddy.

Another cute AJ pose.

AJ mowed the lawn with Grandma and showed off his rocking calf muscles!

We had such a fun weekend and miss them already!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

AJ and his Baby 'Erra

Aidan has really taken to Sierra now, and gives hers lots of kisses! He went right to her room the last couple of mornings to see her and give her a kiss when he woke up, and when she's sitting in her bouncy seat he gives her hugs and kisses. He now calls her Baby 'Erra too - it's so cute!

Kiss for Sierra!

Proud of his little sister!

Going in for another!

I got a wrap for the baby that has been fun for walking around, and it'll come in really handy for chasing Aidan all day once Isaac's back at work!

So nice to hold the baby close!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Riding with Daddy

Ever since Aidan's first ride in the bike trailer, he'll go and get Isaac's cycling shoes and helmet and hand them to him when he wants to go for a ride! It's so cute that he knows exactly what's needed, so he figures if he wants to go he just needs to get that stuff together. Isaac says whenever they stop he'll turn around and Aidan will point forward to make him keep going.


Making his sign for "more!"

And they're off!

Aidan loves his daddy time! I can't wait until I can take Aidan for rides too.

The many faces of Sierra

Sierra was just sitting next to me making the cutest faces, so I couldn't help but take a bunch of photos!

a cute little smile...

this is usually accompanied by a grunt!

hi mom!

big yawn

dreaming of good things!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Baby

Sierra definitely looks like her brother as a baby! And it's funny how she makes Aidan feel like an absolute giant now - Isaac and I just can't believe how big Aidan seems all of a sudden.

Sierra loves daddy time - this was at 3 days old.

We had a nice lunch out on the porch yesterday.

Leah stopped by to meet Sierra after taking the Boards!

Heather came by for dinner too.

Auntie Leigh got some Sierra time last night!

Sierra had her first doctor's visit today; she has already re-gained back past her birth weight, her bilirubin had dropped as of yesterday, and everything else looked perfect!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aidan's Great Cousins Weekend

Aidan spent the weekend at his counsins' house. It looks like he had lots of fun with Uncle Abram, Auntie Leigh and the rest of the clan!

Aidan's Weekend with the Dancy Clan

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 3 for Sierra

After a check-up this morning, Sierra had some more visitors today - including Chase who's just 3 weeks older than she is! Lindsey was excited to see her again, and Kristen and TJ both got to meet her for the first time too.

Interesting pose; "I'm not talking to you right now"

I had just put Sierra in her Little Sister onesie again in hopes to get a photo with Aidan in his matching shirt, but that didn't happen yet. Another day!

A true cat nap! More sunning to try to bring her bilirubin down - the levels were low enough that she didn't require treatment, but we have to go back for another test tomorrow.

Aidan has his good moments and his tough moments adjusting. We took him out for ice cream to give him some extra love and attention. Sierra came too of course, so it was our first family-of-four ice cream outing!

mmm chocolate ice cream!

Big Brother AJ!

Other than that, Sierra has been eating and pooping like a champ, and she's pretty strong already. She makes cute faces and sounds. Let's hope tonight she can go a little longer between eating since that there's more milk available!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I knew I'd have fun dressing up my beautiful little girl in pink, but didn't realize how much fun it would be! And this is only day 2, with just a couple things I'd bought and made before she was born - I can't wait to go shopping now! I may not have been as sure as I was with Aidan about the gender, but I can tell you that I embroidered a pink hat and a Boppy cover with "Sierra", yet I didn't have a boy version ready.

Lying on her Sierra Boppy.

A minute later, peacefully sleeping.

With her Sierra hat!

Cuddling up with Daddy yesterday.

On her way home with her knit blanket!

Sunning in the window (right now!) This is supposed to help with Jaundice so we hopefully don't have to take her back to the hospital for light treatment.

So, while Sierra lies next to me sunning, I get to play with photos and blog, Isaac is at the store, and Aidan is on a field trip to the petting farm and water sprinkler playground with his daycare! I can't wait to go get him but we wanted him to have his fun day with his friends. I'm so excited to be home with both kids and see how he likes it.