Saturday, July 24, 2010


That's right - we got cats! We've been talking about it basically since we moved in, and were just waiting for the right opportunity once Sierra arrived. Well, Leigh discovered the kittens at her vet and knew they'd be perfect for us, so I took the kids to meet them on Wednesday and we brought them home with us. Thanks Leigh!

Sylvester is named after my all-time favorite Sylvester stuffed animal, Puddy, since she has the perfect black body and white belly. It's a boy name, but oh well! The gray one is Mercedes but as we've been deciding on her name Isaac keeps calling her "the gray cat".

Sylvester and Puddy - about the same size!

Mercedes on her first day at home.

Showing Mercedes some love.

Rubbing Sylvester's belly.

I found her in Sierra's boppy!

One morning I put Sierra down on Aidan's bed while getting Aidan changed and dressed, and he got back in bed with her and hugged her! It was the cutest thing and I was super excited to get this picture of them together.

We resealed the driveway on Monday/Tuesday and it was quite an ordeal. Thanks Tobin for all the help - it looks great!

Sierra's baptism is tomorrow so Lindsey came down yesterday to help me out a bit. It was great having a hand so I could get ready for the party!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Video: Aidan Striding, Sierra Smiling

The latest video is ready! Last weekend we took some footage of Aidan riding at the park, and on Monday morning Sierra was smiling at me and I couldn't resist taking some photos and video. I've actually jumped ahead to edit this one, I need to go back and do Cape Cod and my parents' visit - but this was fun to do first!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Balding Beauty

Our little cutie is losing some of her hair! She's been shedding all over the place, and now you can see it around the front. We never experienced that with Aidan since he was born almost bald. She's still so beautiful though! Here she is over the last couple of days:

And here she is back at 2 weeks old:

We've had a fun week so far - on Monday we played with Aidan's friend Brad again at his house. They have a warm water outdoor faucet for filling up the kiddie pool - what a great idea!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life with two kids

Overall, it's exhausting! The days are basically non-stop toddler entertaining mixed with feeding, changing, and caring for the baby. Thankfully, I'm actually not that sleep deprived because most nights I pass out on the couch pretty early and Sierra lets me sleep most of the night. But I'm just exhausted from busy days!

But of course it's worth it with a little cutie like this:

Sierra spends a lot of time attached to me so I can still chase after Aidan or get housework done.

This past week seems to have been particularly busy in terms of activities, especially now that I'm looking at the photos and writing about it!

Last Friday we spent some time at a neighbors' house on their big blow up water toy. Aidan was a little young to truly appreciate it, but he still had fun on the small slide. He rode his bike over there of course!

On Monday morning we went on a playdate to Davis Family Farm, where they have a huge water sprinkler park.

On Monday night we went to a local minor league baseball game. Sierra basically slept through it, and Aidan ate popcorn. He lasted about an hour and a half, which was only the third inning!

On Thursday we went to our weekly toddler music class in the morning, and Brittany visited in the afternoon. We ended up at the doctor's office at night for ages - Aidan was amazingly patient for almost 2 hours there, and luckily Sierra slept through it.

Yesterday morning the three of us went to the doctor's office and then the mall without any issues (although getting out the door took forever). Last night we went to Bertucci's with Isaac and the Dancy Clan for Carmen's 12th birthday, and followed it up with ice cream cake at their house.

Today I took Aidan on a bike ride this morning, then took both kids up to Kristen's house this afternoon to see baby Chase. Aidan was a little difficult - not really naughty but just super needy! He did enjoy the walk though, and I've been enjoying my new double jogging stroller!

I'm no good at taking it easy, and honestly I'm much happier busy than bored. Every day I have grand ideas of getting the house totally cleaned up and crossing things off my to-do list as soon as the kids are asleep, but then by the time Sierra falls asleep for the night I end up passing out on the couch! So, I'm working on not stressing about the fact that the house isn't as clean as I'd like, reminding myself it's much more important to play with the kids while I can. Tonight I'm staying up a bit late to blog - blogging at least gives me a chance to sort through my pictures and think about all the good, fun things we get to do as a family.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Aidan @ 21 Months

I've had a request for a little AJ summary since he's the all-important age of 1 3/4 years! So, here it is, Ma :-)

At 21 months, Aidan:
- Loves the movie Cars! He's recently converted from wanting to watch home movies on the computer all the time to watching Cars in the basement over and over.
- Can identify lots of family members, and just finally started saying "Aidan" and pointing to himself. He can also point to all his body parts!
- Has amazing comprehension - you can tell him to go get his blue sandals from the kitchen and he'll come back with the right ones. I can tell him he's putting his helmet on backwards and he'll fix it!
- Likes to ask "What is that?" all the time when we're reading books or out somewhere new.
- Loves and takes care of his little sister; if he hears her crying he'll say "Baby!" and try to find a pacifier and stick in in her mouth, or a bottle if we had one out. He's good about coming inside from playing when it's time to feed the baby.
- Loves all things bike and ball related. We ride 2-3 times every day, and he can now glide on his strider for ages, just balancing and steering.
- Likes pushing cars and trains around on the ground.
- Sleeps from about 8:30pm to 7am, and naps from 12:30 to 3:30 every day, without any fuss about getting in bed. The 3 hour nap every day is AWESOME! We'll have to move up bed time a little once I go back to work.
- Doesn't usually eat much at dinner (especially meat), and it's hard to get him to sit still in certain situations, like going out to eat and Church, but overall he's an amazing kid!

Next official one at 2 years, but of course there will be plenty of blogging about him between now and then.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sierra @ One Month

It's not the first time I've said it, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but I can't believe how fast time is flying! My baby girl is already a month old and I don't know where the time went. I really enjoy Aidan's baby book, so I'm going to do the same thing for Sierra using the blog to record what she's up to each month.

First off, here are a few of my favorite photos of Sierra at 3 weeks old - I was trying to get the perfect shot for the birth announcement! I didn't keep changing outfits, these are actually from 3 different occasions.

At One Month, Sierra:
- Can roll over! Rolled from front to back a few days ago.
- Has been holding her head up since she was a couple of days old
- Loves the vibrating seat
- Spends a lot of time wrapped on me

- Likes sucking on a pacifier, but we try to limit it
- Started losing some of the thick hair she had at birth :-(
- Has had a few tough evenings, but overall has been easy and content
- Sleeps really well at night; sleeps from 10 until 3 or 4, eats quickly, then sleeps some more.
- Weighs about 10 pounds
- Has really long feet!

- Smiles at us!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Video: Sierra's First Days at Home

Here's some footage starting with Sierra's first morning at home - Aidan gave her lots of great kisses! He also shows us his striding skills after having his bike for one month. He's even better now but that'll be on another video!

Friday, July 9, 2010

5th Anniversary Weekend

Last Saturday was our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Kevin flew in from Colorado to do the Fitchburg Stage Race, so we were happy to spend the morning watching the road race stage. Abram and Leigh came too, and Aidan absolutely loved seeing the bikes go by.

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already, but they've been amazing. I'm so lucky to have the best hubby and 2 perfect children! We're looking forward to Aruba for our 10 year anniversary!

My honey, getting ready to pass Kevin a bottle.

Leigh got some Sierra time.

Aidan watched with Uncle Abram.

What am I supposed to do up here?

I went out for my first ride when we got home! 3 weeks postpartum :-) Since then I've also taken Aidan for a couple of trailer rides with the mountain bike (so I have a granny gear for all the hills around here).

On Monday we watched Stage 4, the criterium, in downtown Fitchburg. Aidan was even more excited because he got to see the cyclists twice per 1 mile lap. He'd point and say "bikes" when they came by, and then say "more" and run to the other side to see them go the other way.


He liked to watch crouched down.

Obviously, Aidan loves all things bikes right now. He often wears his helmet for ages after riding, he won't let us take it off! We could do a whole blog of all the different things he does while wearing it, but for now here are a couple of cute ones:

He reads VeloNews and flips through the Excel Sports Boulder catalog, pointing out the bikes and then pointing to other stuff and asking "what's this" and "what's that?"

Safety First at dinner!

Finally, a couple quick Sierra pics so we don't leave her out.

Sierra and Daddy, last weekend.

Sarai was happy to get some baby time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 40th Chip and Marie!

As I mentioned in the Cape Cod post - we all went out for a great dinner reception last Saturday to celebrate Chip and Marie's 40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

All of Chip and Marie's children, spouses/significant others of children, and grandchildren, plus Marie's parents and her sister's family were there (except Jacob). Maybe we should Photoshop him in? He did visit the remaining family in the Cape later in the week.

The Guests of Honor!

Grandma and Grandpa Arcifa (Aidan and Sierra's great grandparents).

Sierra with her soon-to-be Godparents.

Sarai and Marita looking cute.

The Seven Sisters!

Max enjoyed lots of baby time.

And we had a nice family dinner.

Our cool little AJ.