Friday, August 27, 2010

More fun with 2 kids

It's been another fun week - more photos to share!

AJ loved the playground at the Ecotarium today. We also rode the train and checked out the exhibits.

He's getting good at blowing bubbles!

Sierra is all smiles! She enjoyed the Ecotarium too, mostly in the Bjorn.

She holds her head really high and can almost roll over from back to front now!

Monday was rainy so we played inside all day - Aidan likes to climb up and say "Hi Mommy!" It's his version of "Look, Ma, Look!"

Since he loves Woody and the "guys" so much, we had to get him a Mr. Potato Head. I think Woody and Buzz will be birthday presents!

The kids spent Tuesday through Thursday at Bright Horizons this week, and Aidan did amazingly well playing and eating and napping like he'd never left. He came home with elephant ears that he painted! Sierra had a great time there too.

Sierra really has been "purr-fect".

Here she is taking a morning swing in her PJ's.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cat Girl

Sierra's cousins have been wondering what her animal would be (like Aidan and his monkeys), and right now it seems like it may be cats. Sierra got a cute white kitty from Auntie Nettie before we even got our kittens. Lexi likes to spend a lot of time with Sierra! We'll have to see what Sierra decides on her own, but for now she can be my little cat girl.

Today it was finally cool enough to put Sierra in her adorable cat outfit from Auntie Kathleen, complete with a white cat on her butt!

She was doing really well holding her head way up for ages - and you'll notice her hair has been coming back in instead of falling out!

We also played dress up recently with Sierra's awesome shiny pants. They're even more hilarious on that I thought they'd be! Thanks Lindsey!

And then after doing laundry today I was amazed how much pink there was, so I took a quick picture. This is only her 3 month and a few 6 month+ clothes - all the Newborn has been packed away already. It is so much from shopping for a baby girl!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Sierra Photos

There's no special milestone or event to blog about, just a bunch of cute photos from the last week or so that I want to share with everyone and include in our blog book.

First off we have a few from tonight - Isaac can always make a baby smile!

A couple from the other day, smiling at me on her changing table:

One "Mom, I'm really bored with you taking photos of me...":

And then a couple from a night last week, swinging and sitting in the Bumbo:

Can't forget about AJ! This photo cracks me up - he looks like a big boy sitting at the table in his new chair with a nice polo shirt on, pondering something, but then he has jelly all around his lips!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing with AJ

AJ has been a lot of fun lately, but I haven't gotten a chance to blog much so I've got a ton of new photos. He loves to ride his bike, watch "Cars" and "Woody" and "Memo", chase the cats, and of course just run around and play with toys.

He can glide all the way down the little hill next to our house with his feet up. I love the big smile he has on his face - and I was amazed to actually get this picture with an iPhone!

Feet up and a big smile!

Aidan and Sierra have spent a few weekdays with the Dancy Clan, as their usual daycare provider was on vacation. Aidan loved having cousins to entertain him! We set up their basketball hoop like this a while back so that he could reach it, and it has stayed that way, always ready for him!

Great shot!

Tobin catching him on the slide.

Swinging with the girls - so high he's almost horizontal!

Sierra and her Godmother.

Scootin' with Carmen.

I've enjoyed working just 3 days a week in August, getting extra time with the kids. They definitely keep me busy, but they've both been generally happy and easy.

Stomp rocket courtesy of Grandma - AJ loves it!

Coming down the big slide.

High on the see-saw with me.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Looking for the cats in their favorite place to nap.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sierra @ Two Months

Time to celebrate Sierra's 2 month birthday! At 2 months, Sierra:

- Smiles a lot and coos a little
- Can pick up something and put it in her mouth (well, I saw her do it twice!)
- Sleeps amazingly well; I'm still excited every day when I don't get woken up until 5 or 6
- Is getting huge! She's already outgrowing 3 month clothes. We'll get the official weigh-in tomorrow.
- Loves her big brother; Leigh noticed her smile today whenever Aidan came to see her.
- Likes being in the wrap/Bjorn, swing, and vibrating seat. She does nap in her crib and fall asleep in there on her own at night, but during the day she loves being in motion.
- Has the sweetest little milky smell, I can't get enough of it.
- She's happy and funny and we just love her so much!
[8/13/10 update: She weighs 12lbs, 4oz, and is 24inches long (75th/90th percentiles]

Hanging out with the Dancy Clan today (photo courtesy of Leigh).

She tried out Aidan's Bumbo this morning. She's almost ready for it!

Playing with AJ.

Chilling with Daddy.

Smiles for daddy the other night.

Loves sleeping like a Blake - arms up!

Cute little face, at 7 weeks.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sierra's Baptism

Sierra was baptized on July 25th, and many people shared the wonderful day with us. As always, we have lots of pictures, so I'll just tell the story with photos and captions.

She looked so pretty in her beautiful dress!

She was introduced at the beginning of the 11:30 mass at St. Rose of Lima in Northborough.

As luck would have it, we happened to schedule her baptism on the exact mass where Abram was the Lector and Tobin and Carmen were Altar Servers!

Sierra didn't make a peep during the actual baptism.

Aidan was entertained in the pews for a while before deciding that the steps were really fun.

Family photo - AJ looked cute even though he'd been feeling terrible!

Sierra with her new GodParents.

Another attempt at a family photo - Sierra is wearing the Baptismal Garment that Grandma Marie made.

Hugs for Carmen!

Sierra was wiped out afterward, so she snoozed on Grandma.

And then on Daddy.

AJ watched Cars with his cousins, and Abram and Sylvester watched some too!

We enjoyed the deck and had a barbeque dinner.

Mmmmm... Chocolate Mousse Torte. It was so chocolately I think Sierra got chocolate milk later that night!

Chase and Kristen hung out with us.

"This is heaven - baby and cake." -Lindsey C.

Since it was hard to see the detail in the photos from the baptism, I had Sierra pose in her Baptismal Garment. Marie embroidered it beautifully!